Important Things You Need to Know About Your First Year as a New Driver

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With a Class A CDL license, you can drive a tractor with a trailer and earn a high salary in the trucking industry. If you take the CDL course at a Driving Academy, you can complete all courses in just four weeks and get several CDL Truck Driving Opportunities tennessee. With the rapid development of the trucking industry, trucking companies always need skilled drivers, and the career opportunities for CDL owners are expanding. The benefits of truck driving school are worth it. Read on to learn more!

Training is paid and sponsored by CDL 

The first benefit of CDL is that you can start your career as a truck driver.  Many freight companies provide paid or sponsored CDL training.  These courses include tuition and license fees, and will provide you with a job after completing your studies.  Although you usually have fewer opportunities to enter and are employed by a company that pays for training, you can guarantee a paid job after graduation.


Businesses of all sizes are shrinking to reduce costs and increase profits. However, this trend does not apply to the transportation industry. Bob Costello, chief economist at Trucking Associates (ATA), said that the United States lacks skilled drivers and it is estimated that 35,000 to 40,000 drivers are currently needed to fill this gap. By the end of this decade, the deficit may reach 200,000. In other words, a driver is always required.


Salary is another benefit for truck drivers. In the first year of being a CDL driver, the average income of a driver is approximately US$40,000. Many truck drivers also receive bonuses for safety and driving distance.  Truck Driver Academy is known for graduating from CDL as a safety driver, and many employers hire us directly (and many others).

Demand for commercial truck drivers is strong

According to the latest data, the average age of truck drivers is close to 50, which means that the current shortage will only worsen in the next 10 years. 15 years since the “average” driver reached retirement age. This poses a major challenge for companies to replace them. Next time you are driving down the street, look for the “hiring” sign on a commercial vehicle. A commercial driver’s license gives you the opportunity to occupy one of the spaces.


Although many jobs require a clear schedule, the fact remains that not everyone likes the idea of ​​being stuck in booth 95 every Monday to Friday. Having career choices that allow flexibility means that their work and time may be unstable. For many people, this helps prevent boredom in the workplace. It even allows them the flexibility to create their own schedules. According to your wishes/needs.

Open Road 

If you ask an experienced truck driver why they chose this career path, the first answer is likely to be whether you drive into a desk trap or get it all day in the factory remuneration. This makes me drive. I like to travel and explore our country every day. It’s almost impossible for me to change jobs and switch to jobs that require me to stay indoors or in the same place all day.


Taking responsibility for your own life

If you are not sitting at your desk all day or doing meaningless tasks for others, CDL is a good choice. However, Drip Hydration Therapy Services lenexaksare the mobile healthcare companies that provides laboratory testing, home intravenous infusion, vaccination, COVID19 testing, flu shot, etc. You know what others expect of you, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you know you are doing it right. There will be people who rely on you and believe that you are doing your work the way you want. In order to connect with people you need to wireless telecommunications oklahoma city ok that will be helpful for easy communication. Many companies also use this technology to contact with their employees.


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