Important Tips to Follow During House Demolition

House Demolition

House demolition is one of the most important aspects of planning that is often overlooked before renovating your house. Without giving the necessary attention to this stage can lead to serious renovation mistakes and cause you to miss some of the vital issues that are critical for safety during demolition.

You’ll have to follow things like wearing the right clothes, turn off utilities, get the right home demolition tools, use the right gear, etc before demolition and renovating your house.

Reasons for demolition:

Large scale demolition projects might be necessary as they are quite complex and require a close examination of motivation for taking them down due to a number of reasons like:

  • Health hazard:

It is often more sensible and cost effective to demolish a building rather than a renovation if the building is old, has moisture leaks, and mold build up or contains hazardous building materials (HBMs) such as asbestos, lead and other toxic materials.

  • Faulty foundation:

The building might fail inspection due to a weak foundation that can lead to brittle and slanted floors.

  • Blighted:

Demolishing an abandoned building that has become home to insects and animals may be the best action especially if it suffers from poor construction, possible moisture problem and leads to fire hazards.

  • Redevelopment:

The property owner might wish to make a building more valuable for redevelopment by demolishing an older building and selling a vacant lot.

Safety precautions for demolition:

Safety is one of the most important aspect of constructions, renovations and demolitions. Taking the necessary precautions and having the best and the most up to date equipment can save countless lives. These precautions might be simple and easy to perform but can make a lot difference when it comes to safe demolition.

Here are some the safety precautions that you need to follow:

  • Equipment: Employees must always have the perfect knowledge of all the aspects of work regardless of their specialty and the area in which they work. They should be able to understand as to what equipment should be worn and used throughout the demolition process. It is important to make sure every employee has the expertise and perfect understanding of how to use each piece of equipment correctly. Each employee must have a hard hat, a mask, gloves and work boots that will prevent any or all future injuries and help serves lives as you go through the demolition.
  • Final sweep: It is advisable to always do a final sweep before demolition by going into each and every room, including closets, bathrooms and hallways to make sure that everything is out of the building. It is important to assure that every worker is out of the building and at a safe distance before you start with the demolition. Similarly, ensure that the employees monitor the building correctly in order to avoid any unauthorized people getting close to the demolition site. The demolition process can only take place safely if you assign someone to ensure that the final sweep has been done and notified by every employee.
  • Experienced and trained employees: It is your utmost responsibility to appoint only trained and experienced employees to handle any dangerous and explosive material. Handling these explosives requires carefulness that can only be ensured by a qualified, mature and professional employees. These trained workers can prevent any accidents on the demolition site.

Hence, we at Mehri Group provides the best house demolition services in Melbourne with our highly skilled and professional workers to ensure your safety.

  • Brace ceilings and walkways: It is important for every ceiling and walkway to be braced before anyone enters the building for any reason. This will help to prevent a huge amount of accident, injuries and even death by providing an extra support incase of any accident.
  • Cleaning up debris: Make sure that all the employees are wearing and have the proper equipment to clean any and all the debris after the demolition has taken place. Most importantly, allow only authorized employees to be present during the cleanup with tools like work boots, gloves and a mask. 
  • Go with a plan: Knocking down things, tearing things up and cleaning all the debris can be time consuming. A plan would be really helpful when you tackle a renovation demolition that would get through your project efficiently and minimize the amount of damage. For eg- it is important to first remove the carpets so it becomes easy to sweep up nails, dust and other debris while you are completely renovating a space.  This will help you to accurately measure the empty space before you can start with the new ones.
  • Get a permit: An interior or an exterior demolition process in most of the cities requires you to have a building permit. Officials would typically want to be notified if you’ll be shutting off utilities and make sure water won’t be running to your house. You will also have to inform your neighbours about your upcoming demolitions and check with the local building departments in the area for specific regulations.
  • Gather tools: Missing out on valuable tools can slow down your process and become time consuming. Get a proper understanding about the projects with accumulating all the products and tools required to get the job done before you start.

Demolition is a serious task and requires you to be careful about your surroundings in order to avoid any mishaps. It is always best to hire a contractor if you want to ensure your safety with the task being performed on time. In you are interested in demolition service then visit Merhi Group.

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