Ingredients that enhance your lashes

One of the beauty products that seems too magical to be true is eyelash growth serum. Is it really doable to grow your eyelashes longer and thicker, presumably eliminating the need for products like mascara and fake eyelashes?

And the other important question is: do these serums, on the other hand, actually work? And, if they do, how one can choose the best eyelash-growth serum? Is it safe to use this product so close to your eyes? To discover out, we spoke with the experts. If you want to see the detailed analysis of different brands of eyelash serums available on the market, check out this link.

Let’s take a look at how eyelashes naturally grow.

Eyelashes, just like any other hair on the scalp, grow in a specific way which can be explained. Eyelash growth has three phases: anagen (active), catagen (transition), and telogen (resting).

The lash is constantly expanding ad growing in the anagen stage. This stage usually last anywhere from four to even six weeks. During the catagen phase, eyelashes reach their full length and hair follicles begin to diminish. This stage of the cycle is about two to three weeks. The telogen phase is the final stage of the cycle. It is the time when the eyelash can rest, which lasts up to 100 days before the lash falls out naturally.

Please note that each individual lash goes through a phase at a different moment. On average, a single lash takes four to eight months to be replaced. The following is a description of how over-the-counter eyelash-growth serums are supposed to operate.

The ingredients

In order to understand what is in the eyelash serums, below are the most commonly mentioned substances used in these products:

Some sort of oils

Eyelash serums do not include any specific type of oil. Some people prefer sweet almond oil, which is supposed to provide deep conditioning to the roots and minimize hair loss, while others prefer castor oil, which is a natural source of healthy Omega-6 fats, vitamins, and proteins, all of which are beneficial for stimulating new hair growth. Some eyelash serums contain a blend of oils, such as coconut and vitamin E oil.

Castor Oil: You have probably heard of castor oil being used as a lash-growth serum at home. Using this and other oils to make your eyelashes appear longer can work, and it also has the potential to prevent breaking.


Vitamin B5 (for strength and extra gloss, as well as deep hydrating) and vitamin B7 (which stimulates hair development) are commonly found in good eyelash serums. Panthenol is another name for vitamin B5. If certain vitamins are not stated, seek for them in the ingredients list.

Biotin: This is the most prevalent active ingredient in eyelash-growth serums sold over-the-counter as conditioning treatments. Biotin is a B vitamin that is thought to strengthen keratin, the protein that makes up hair, and so improve hair health, although there is no conclusive proof that biotin promotes lash growth. 

And another point about biotin is that many biotin supplements are rarely absorbed adequately into one’s system unless one is severely deficient.

Vitamin E [and Chamomile] 

Vitamin E is well-known for its natural antioxidants, which aid to promote hair development by preventing hair from falling off prematurely. It is frequently used with chamomile in eyelash serums because both are believed to promote hair growth.

Penthasymin Peptides are active peptides, which are amino acid chains that moisturize your lashes and help them grow stronger.

Hyaluronic acid 

Do not be scared off by the word acid; this substance protects, moisturizes, and promotes the growth of your lashes.

Is it safe to use eyelash growth serums?

The most crucial part of using an eyelash serum is applying. The majority of serum directions recommend to apply the product close to the root, but be cautious, because avoiding getting cosmetics on your skin or in your eyes might be difficult.

Also, the gland openings on the eyelids that are necessary for adequate tear function can potentially become clogged, resulting in irritation, styes, and infection.

Start in the inner corner and work your way outwards, using the supplied applicator, this is the best approach to apply serums. In order to avoid obstructing your view, keep your hand on the same side as the eye you are working on. Click here for more details about toxin rid 10 day detox reviews

When it comes to beauty treatments, it is always a good idea to see your doctor to see what is best for you. They will assist you in determining which eyelash-growth serum is optimal for you.

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