Is It Worth Getting a Pair Of Over Ear Headphones?

Pair Of Over Ear

Nowadays, over ear headphones have become popular among people wishing to listen to their audio devices discreetly and without being disturbed by their surroundings. These headphones have excellent sound quality and are ideal for audiophiles or people who want to enjoy their music in high quality without having earbuds sticking out of their ears, making them uncomfortable. Yet, there’s an extensive debate about whether over ear headphones are worth the money. To be honest, it all depends on your needs and desires. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is crucial to consider whether it is worthwhile to buy over ear headphones.

Over Ear Headphones

  • Comfortable Ear cups:

Soundcore over ear headphones are the best choice if you want to wear comfortable headphones. The rationale is that users sometimes wear them for hours when playing games or during the meeting. So, these should be comfortable to wear. Generally, more room for your ears results in more comfortable headphones, especially if there’s extra plush memory foam inside earpads. Over-ear earpads surround your entire ear, creating a comfortable fit, even if you wear glasses.

  • External sound controlling:

Soundcore over ear headphones use advanced active noise cancellation technology, such as Life Q35 and LifeQ30 models. You can easily use hybrid active noise cancellation with indoor, outdoor, travel, and transparency modes according to your needs.

Furthermore, because of their larger drivers, they produce better sound quality and are more comfortable than earbuds.

  • Upgraded drivers:

Headphones seem more appealing to draw buyers because of their sound quality. Over ear headphones Life Q35 are available at Soundcore. It contains a specially designed silk diaphragm driver that accurately reproduces music of high-frequency range and reduces distortion to create quality, approved for both Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless. It costs around $129, which is quite reasonable compared to other brands offering fewer features for pricey over ear headphones.

  • Bass Stability:

Bass Stability enhances the musical experience by improving the sound quality. For instance, Soundcore Life Q20 headphones incorporate BassUp technology in their headphones. This proprietary bass technology undertakes a real-time study of the low frequencies for boosting the bass output. When listening to music with high basses, such as EDM or hip-hop, you can double-press the play button for an enhanced audio experience. These headphones cost somewhere around $60.

  • Multiple audio inputs:

Soundcore Life Q20+ over ear headphones offer multiple connections at one time. You can simultaneously connect and switch between two devices with the help of the latest technology used in these over ear headphones via your local Bluetooth network.

  • Battery backup:

Besides comfort, over ear headphones should also have extended battery timings as we wear them for hours. Over-ear headphones like Soundcore Life Q10 offer considerable battery backup of roughly 60 hours on a single charge. Anker’s acclaimed power technology and cutting-edge Bluetooth chip with low power consumption work together to provide lengthy playtime, even for wireless over ear headphones. 

  • Feasible price range:

Expensive headphones are not accessible to everyone. Most of the time, buyers seek out affordable headphones. People looking for high-quality headphones at an affordable price should consider Soundcore over ear headphones for a jackpot without being hefty on the pocket. Life Q10, which costs only about 49 dollars, was introduced by Soundcore. It offers several remarkable features, including fast USB-C charging, a long battery life, deep bass, and a stable AUX connection, making it one of the best headphones in this price range.


Over ear headphones have all the features the user desire for an incredible listening experience. However, regardless of the kind of headphones you select, we suggest you consider the attributes of speakers required for your needs. It is significant to ensure satisfactory results. Yet, undoubtedly, over ear headphones are unquestionably a wise decision that is worth purchasing.

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