Is SMS Marketing Effective-5 Key Predictions

Marketing sector and the field of promoting the businesses has emerged as one of the most prominent career in the present era. Since the technologies and the digital gadgets are serving as the backbone of the businesses, this has become very significant for the businesses to incorporate the digital marketing strategies to gain the traffic.

Businesses in today’s world are struggling to get their websites ranked on the top however, for this purpose SEO comes handy. There have been different strategies that are being implemented for the promotions of the businesses. 

Marketing is emerging as one of the greatest career that one can pursue in his professional and practical life. The world of e-commerce is also changing its dynamics since after the pandemic of coronavirus. The attitudes, realities, and expectations of the customers are also shifting and the businesses would have to take the actions accordingly. 

Is SMS Marketing Effective-5 Key Predictions


We are now in 2021 and the years coming ahead are definitely going to be more personalized with the mature text messaging strategies and the two-way conversational commerce. The mobile phones have become one of the most important gadget of our lives and I believe, we cannot even imagine our lives without it. 

In the light of recent researches, it has been proven that there are almost 5.27 billion mobile phone users in the world. This number has increased up to 97 million in the past 12 months. Since after the pandemic, this is expected to grow more! 

This massive number of mobile phone users reflects that this is the high-time for the businesses to implement the effective SMS marketing strategies. In this way, people could experience more efficient and powerful tactics of the marketing and promotion of the business. 


To gear you up with the SMS marketing, here is a quick review. The SMS marketing is the multi-channel online marketing technique that is designed specifically focusing on the prime goal of reaching specific audience. The medium to reach the targeted audience would be the text messages. 

The SMS marketing is basically the sending of promotional campaigns and the transactional messages via mobile text in order to gain the audience. 

The messages in SMS marketing are meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and the alerts to the people who have consented to receive those certain text messages from your business. 

The SMS marketing is connecting the businesses and the brands with their customers in complete whole new way. This is highly personal- targeted and is also known for keeping the secrecy. This also outperforms other channels in this way. Also, the SMS marketing is easy to implement, manage, and to track. The professional research writers from penned, 65% of marketers consider SMS marketing very effective basing on 75% positive responses from audience! 


Due to the pandemic, the landscape of businesses has been completely changed. These changes brought uncertainty and unpredictability. I have outlined data-drive predictions for the SMS marketing that have been shared by the experts of marketing. 

The brands and the businesses must have a look at these predictions to make the most of the opportunity and leverage its effectiveness. Let’s dive in.

E-commerce will continue to become a giant and so will the SMS marketing:

The sector of e-commerce will continue to grow in the year of 2021 as people are more into the concept and action of online shopping like never before. E-commerce has occupied the audience so powerfully that online brands are now continuously focusing on their text marketing strategies. 

Several studies have reflected that there have been a greater huge increase the SMS subscribers of different businesses. SMS is direct brief and it is personal, this makes the SMS marketing more reliable and secured as well. Also, it is a universal way for the shoppers to reach to their favorite brands. 

Customers would like the brands to text them:

The professional writers from 7DollarEssay predicted, there would be a tremendous rise in the subscribers of the online text messaging services of the brands. The targeted audience would be having a direct way to communicate with their favorite brands. 

In this way, the mobile commerce would also shorten the distance between the shopper and the brand. This would bring the in-store experience in the palm of the human. Also, this would make the communication between the customer service a lot more private and personal. 

The SMS would be locally mindful and a lot more promotional:

This would also help the brands in maintaining a close relationship with their current customers. E-commerce is growing tremendously and brands are highly investing on SMS marketing. Also, 2021 would be location-targeted mobile with spending of $32.4 billion. 

The SMS marketing would also be important to maintain an honest and loyal relationship among the brands and their customers. This is why, the brands today are focusing a lot more on their loyalty and the retention marketing. 

Highly personalized and fully automated texts:

In the year of 2021, the SMS marketing is predicted to be highly personalized and these personalized experience and customized messaging are expected by the buyers. Brands are working for the personalization of their SMS marketing. Personalization must be the top priority of the brands nowadays. 

The experts have predicted that the brands would continue to create the complete customer journey via the SMS. This would be possible with the help of automation that would take place from beginning to the end. This will also maximize the engagement of the customers with the brand. 

Integrated messages will reach everyone:

People are not only using smartphones in today’s era but also using maximum social media applications. So brands should also focus on enhancing the experience of the customers via different channels that would directly boost brand awareness and increase sales for business. 

The online shopping turned from convenience to necessity in no time. This case would stay the same in the 2021 and the SMS would reach the targeted audience easily. The channel of SMS marketing can help the brands to reach the widest range of customers. 


The year of 2021 is going to be the exciting one for the businesses. If the brands would be implementing the strategies of SMS marketing smartly, there would be a massive success awaiting for them. The SMS marketing would be the most personalized and effective strategy for the brands to boost their sales-brand awareness, communicate with the customers, and to build relationship with the shoppers.

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