Ku casino | KUBET The Only Bookie With A 5 Minutes Cashback

Ku casino is currently one of the bookies with the largest number of players participating in KU today. Possessing many modern features, an intelligent deposit and withdrawal mechanism brings optimal speed. Ku casino easily offers a great experience that few online casinos can match.

Taking a moment to learn thoroughly about the Kubet casino will help you have more information to feel more secure when investing in the casino, making profits every day from the casino.

Ku casino The Unique Vietnamese Casino in Vietnam 


You can access the through the link provided by kucasino88.com. Currently, there are also many fake links to get information from the Ku Bet site, scam money, and scratch cards. So if you don’t want to lose money, it’s best not to access the casino link indiscriminately.

Moreover, the kucasino is not responsible if your casino account is hacked, or your wallet is lost. Should find a standard link, reputable support will ensure a safe entertainment process for KU people.

Ku casino The Unique Vietnamese Casino in Vietnam
Ku casino The Unique Vietnamese Casino in Vietnam

That is why it is best for you to save the support forms of Ku Casino. From there, contact us directly to get the access link when blocked. Or simply, you can download the Kubet app – the online casino Ku app, so entertainment does not have to worry about missing the link to access the casino anymore.

In case the casino pays the bonus for longer than 5 minutes, the Kubet dealer commits to double compensation. Thus, kucasino not only makes you feel more secure when investing in casinos and casinos. Even if it takes longer, KU players will receive additional casino compensation costs, so it can also be said to be casino players’ luck.

Casino KU also allows players to relax comfortably without too many regulations on casino deposit incentives. This advantage is very few Kucasino bookies have, you can rest assured to create an account to register for Ku casino without any risk.

Introducing Kubet – Ku Casino

Ku casino wants you to learn thoroughly about a betting casino floor. A quality casino must help you feel more secure when investing, Bonus hunter. So every small factor can affect your deposit decision when coming to Ku Bet.

What is Ku Casino?

Ku casino is an online that specializes in providing online gambling Ku casino games for all players. If you are worried about being caught when playing in underground casino halls, or illegal gambling games. The Kubet – Ku casino will be the optimal choice with promotions of bigger bonuses, and more capital incentives for you to join Casino KU.

The Ku Bet provides almost all Casino betting services on the market. From the football betting house, online casino house, online lottery house, KU 3D game house, fighting, shooting fish …. Giving you an authentic betting environment like going to real casinos, even Ku casino game store is more prominent when coming to the casino.

But the main service of Ku casino is  Ku Sports. So you can learn and experience the casino’s strengths in advance. Then it is not too late to invest in other Ku Bet casino games.

Is Ku casino a Kubet?

Ku casino or Kubet, Thabet casino are all one, they have many names that create many secondary access links. As well as being compatible with each betting hall to help you easily identify and avoid confusion with other bookmakers and casino games on the market.

The Ku casino also has several other names such as Ku777 casino, Ku888 casino, Ku11 casino, Ku999 Casino…. So when you go to Ku casino groups, you can easily distinguish and join the house, thereby creating a more secure casino site for all.

With the value of Kubet deposit experience, Kubet withdrawal, Kubet featured games, the Kubet creates an absolute advantage for KU people to participate in games and casino games to get rich. WIN betting game Ku casino has never been so easy.

Ku casino – Is Kubet reputable?

Ku casino is licensed by PAGCOR, a casino commission specializing in licensing and supervision of large and small casinos in the Philippines. The bookie is also headquartered in Manila, so you can be assured of the fairness, transparency, and greenness of the betting casino halls that provide a better entertainment paradise for Ku Bet players.

Casino Ku now has more than 11 years of operation in the online casino gambling industry. Haven’t received any complaints from customers yet. You also have not seen a post to expose, that the Ku casino has never entered any dog list, creating a great advantage for investors.

Ku casino – Is Kubet reputable?
Ku casino – Is Kubet reputable?

KU also cooperates with many famous online casino game publishers such as JZ, Asia Gaming, SA Gaming, V8 Poker, WM, BBIN, and CMD. Shows the prestige and attraction that the Kubet brings to the brands that make casino games, betting, and entertainment for the money.

Instructions to download the KU app on your phone, Play casino anytime, anywhere

Joining Kubet betting on the KU app will give KU members a better experience, and significantly higher security. So you can follow:

Download KU on android

To download the Ku casino online game application on Android devices such as Samsung, LG, Oppo, and Xiaomi… you need a KU membership account. The first time you come to the house, you need to register Note the account with your personal information, and phone number.

Download KU on android
Download KU on android

Once you have successfully registered for a Kubet account, you can click on the download link of the Kubet Android App on the homepage. Then the system will run automatically and the results will appear. Players just need to click install the phone will load the Kubet application into the device.

In addition, the Ku Bet brothers can also download Kubet directly on the homepage by logging into the game, and clicking “Download APP” on the game interface. There are casino application categories according to the preferences, needs, and devices of KU members. They better support the needs of your online casino game bettors.

Download KU on iOS

On iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad, or Macbooks, you should also register a KU account before downloading the game application. When you have a Kubet account, you just need to access the Kubet App download link provided by Kucasino to help you download the game application simply and quickly.

Download KU on iOS
Download KU on iOS

However, iOS devices will ask to confirm the game application you can download. So you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Once the application has been downloaded successfully, you will see the message “casino is not trusted”, need to click cancel to proceed with the application confirmation.
  • Step 2: Access the Settings area on the phone > select General > Navigate to Device Management.
  • Step 3: In the Business application section, please click to open the App.
  • Step 4: The game notice appears, the player needs to click “Trust” to confirm the KU settings.
  • Step 5: You just need to confirm the application and then log in to the KU application to be able to enjoy all the betting services provided by the KU.

Introducing the most attractive live casino games at KUBET

Going to Kucasino you will be more or less surprised with the variety of game genres and unique features the brings. 

Introducing the most attractive live casino games at KUBET
Introducing the most attractive live casino games at KUBET

The grandeur of the game betting halls and the attraction from the novelty of the always make KU believers excited. Players can consider investing:

Ku shock disc – live real people – Vietnamese MC Kubet chats with customers

Poker online at Ku is a very famous casino game, storming the market and trusted by many brothers. The way to participate is quite simple, you can choose Even / Odd. Combined with many high-explosion bets, giving you more Kucasino investment directions. Especially, Vietnamese Dealers are serving KU VIP members, beautiful beauty, fiery bodies combined with interaction and chatting with members to bring a completely new Xoc disc experience.

In addition, Kubet casino services also have a sexy Dealer serving. The bookie also applies many high-security products such as Blockchain, along with the Kucasino movie entertainment system integrated into the platform to give you a great casino game experience. Ku Baccarat is rich, has a variety of tables, makes low capital

The Ku casino betting hall is integrated with the most Casino tables in all Kubet casinos. Not only that, but you can also experience many game tables from many different casino providers. The most prominent Vietnamese MC is Ku Casino, then the betting halls of casino WM, DG, casino AG, GPI, casino BBIN, AES …

Baccarat Ku casino is not only an easy game to play but also a place for many brothers to exchange. Kucasino game players can both talk and interact with each other. It is also possible to interact with the beautiful Dealer from the house, so joining the Vietnamese Dealer lobby will be more convenient for game players.

Sicbo the famous casino game that is easy to play and easy to win

The extremely unique casino area is loved by players, and the payout ratio is also diverse. There are two types of Over-Under games, mini is the selection of Over-Under, Even and Odd doors with a win rate as high as 50%, providing a higher chance of winning for players. The full casino version will have countless different betting doors for you to invest capital to earn money. With a chance of exploding your jar from 1 to 150 – 180, the prize is huge. However, the risk you take is also higher than participating in the mini-casino Tai Sieu.

Other casino games such as shooting fish, exploding jars, folk games

The casino game focuses on familiar games that are loved by many Vietnamese. The mainly focuses on games with beautiful designs. The gameplay accumulates rewards based on the amount of capital you spend, the longer you stay online, the more you level up, the larger the accumulated bonus, the bigger the chance that the jar will explode, can change your life, players get rich with the casino not less.

Other casino games such as shooting fish, exploding jars, folk games
Other casino games such as shooting fish, exploding jars, folk games

If you want to make big money from your luck, you should pay more attention to the casino games that explode. By luck of winning the Jackpot, the exploding pot of bonuses can be up to several tens of billions. Playing casino is no different from winning the Vietlott lottery.

Lottery – TOP 1 online lottery in Vietnam

The bookie opens the prize for a simple lottery with all three stations North – Central – South. In particular, the prize money is much higher than that of traditional numbering. Combined with many forms of betting to give you the freedom to invest, it also closes the number quite late, so you can close the dialing time. Even this is the only bookie to close the number at 6:10. Up to 10 minutes later than other bookies

Talking about the diversity of KU lottery services, KU is confident that One of the leading bookmakers in the whole Vietnam region. KU allows you to participate in more interesting services, not just the Kubet lottery.

Lotto bet – super speed lottery – Spin every 3 minutes – Huge bonus

KU lottery services are getting more and more interested, with each round of betting only turning around 30-60 seconds. So you can entertain faster, save more time. With only 15 minutes, you can participate in at least 5 rounds of Kubet bonus.

Super-speed lottery spins the bridge through the system of machines and equipment of Ku Casino. The green game formula is ripe and random, so it has the highest safety for you to experience and invest in Kubet. The KU bookie does not allow cheating on any games at Kubet, fixing the results so you can feel free to play the game.

Live bet – Kubet‘s famous and attractive lottery-live

Providing you with extremely fun Kubet lottery games at home and abroad. Many KU players can mention the Kubet super-fast lottery with high speed, especially with Ku casino streamer staff participating in the lottery to play numbers with KU players. The beautiful, sexy girls serving KU members 24/24 no one does not love.

Live bet – Kubet's famous and attractive lottery-live
Live bet – Kubet’s famous and attractive lottery-live

You can choose Kubet‘s online number, and talk to Ku casino staff. Interact with MC KU. Or simply talking to brothers with similar interests is not required to participate in KU betting. So the brings many emotions to anyone who loves KU for entertainment and money.

KU Sports Lobby – Lots of bets – Fragrant odds – Big wins

The place where the world’s leading Kubet sports betting games gather. You can join some games like:

KU Sports Lobby – Lots of bets – Fragrant odds – Big wins
KU Sports Lobby – Lots of bets – Fragrant odds – Big wins

KU football

The football odds of the Kubet including the English Premier League, C1, C2, La Liga … have never disappointed players. Because tournaments are started continuously, KU updates without missing any matches, so you can play betting continuously to earn money with the most profitable matches.

The team of betting experts at KU is also always interested, looking for more profitable football bets for players. From there, you can confidently bet and bet big every day at KU. They bring an extremely high-value sports KU lobby for those who love entertainment.

Basketball betting

Basketball is getting more and more attention from many countries. KU has immediately updated the basketball betting system to serve you. So as long as you have a Kubet casino account, you can immediately bet on a lot of very attractive basketball bets at KU. Creating conditions for making money with a very hot sport with young people.

The KU bookie brings basketball lovers to participate in American professional tournaments. Watching your favorite team and participating in bets to earn profits will bring great rewards and values ​​for KU bettors to experience.

Ku E-sport

Kubet playground with electronic sports such as LOL, Dota2, CS: GO, Overwatch, Lien Quan games… The prestigious tournaments are organized more and more, but the updated KU does not miss any matches. The odds are increasingly in favor of the bettor. Joining KU investment brings great winning opportunities for all of you.

Ku E-sport
Ku E-sport

Young customers participating in KU are now increasingly interested in Kubet e-sports. Potential entertainment game industry with many major tournaments and matches. In particular, according to Ku casino, the LOL World Final statistics have the most favorite KU fans, participating in betting.

KU promotions that you can’t miss

Coming to Ku, you should not ignore the offers that the currently offers. Some of the most attractive Ku casino bonuses can be mentioned as:

Bonus for members who first deposit at KU

Kubet promotion gives you a maximum of 588 thousand bonus. With the first deposit and the second deposit after registration. With the first time, you will be given an additional 20% of the deposit value, up to 588k, 15 rounds of betting again. With the deposit of two KU will give an additional 10% bonus, up to 588k, 10 rounds of betting again.

The first deposit bonus Kubet after registration is not too large, but for newcomers to KU registration, it will be an extremely useful capital. With a larger capital, you can freely invest in KU. Winning big and withdrawing money to your account is nothing more interesting.

Gifts for new Kubet members – Choose 1 of 5 valuable casino gifts

New online betting brothers who register for a KU account via the link provided by Ku casino will receive new member incentives.

Gifts for new Kubet members – Choose 1 of 5 valuable casino gifts
Gifts for new Kubet members – Choose 1 of 5 valuable casino gifts

When depositing money into KU 3 or more times with a total amount of over 5 million players will be able to choose one of the following gifts:

  • Kubet Negative Ion Air Purifier, helping to keep the player’s family air clean. Especially those who smoke, in the smoky city, need this item.
  • Bluetooth headset, the product gives you a quieter KU entertainment space. Used at night to the fullest, the true sound of watching movies and listening to music on KU is also extremely great.
  • Kubet multi-function sports watch, beautiful design, water-resistant will be a popular choice for men.
  • Power bank with cord, the indispensable accessory for anyone who uses a phone to bet at KU. The design is not only beautiful, but the battery capacity is extremely large, accessing KU all day without worrying about running out of money print.
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker, a great choice for brothers living alone. Players will have an extremely lively entertainment space. Or trips, picnics are almost indispensable.

Kubet gifts are always interesting and invested a lot by the Ku bookie. So not only high quality but also shipped to where you are. Good quality, long-term use without damage, high use-value. So it makes a great welcome sign-up gift that everyone wants.

Special refund casino, sports for KU VIP members 

Based on the member’s VIP level at the casino, in each casino lobby, players will receive a corresponding bonus according to the amount of their bet. Players can follow the following table:

Based on the table above, you can see that the Ku casino area has a superior return incentive compared to other casino games. So players can consider prioritizing participating in this entertainment address. Thus, the source of casino promotion money received for players is also significantly higher.

The payout amount may not be large at first glance, but what if you participate in betting 100 million, 1 billion? 1% of that amount is also 1 million to 10 million. No need to bet to win, just join the player to receive this free promotion. So just break the money, the refund offer will be a source of profit for you.

Instructions for registering Kubet to play online casino

Registering Kubet helps players have a casino account, so this step is extremely simple but important, almost every game player must do when coming to the Kubet house. The registration steps are as follows:

Step 1: Visit any KU homepage or players can manipulate the Kubet application if the app is downloaded.

Step 2: Select “Register” right at the game interface, then complete all the information including:

  • Dealer account, can skip or enter the dealer code Kubet introduces to registered players.
  • Account, game login account from 4 to 10 characters, can use both letters and numbers like hebit55.
  • Casino nickname, the name in the game the player can enter any.
  • Password, account protection password, use from 6 to 10 characters.
  • Phone number, enter the exact phone number you are using and click “Send code” to get the confirmation code.
  • Verification code, enter the confirmation code sent to your phone.

Step 3: Click “Confirm”.

So you have registered an account to participate in betting on casino games to make money. Now just need to deposit money into your account, then bet online. Winning and withdrawing money from your bank account is very simple and convenient.

Because of confirmation by phone number, when registering an account, players can almost only register one account. Junk sims, new sims, and non-original sims will not receive account activation messages. So players also need to pay close attention to quickly register an account.

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing KU

Depositing and withdrawing is a simple but extremely important step. Giving you a capital to participate in all entertainment services, shooting fish to play at the KU house. Instructions for depositing and withdrawing the game are as follows:


Step 1: Go to the kubet link, and select “N” on the interface after the player successfully logs into his account.

Step 2: Select one of the available withdrawal methods, including:

  • Pay online, and transfer money directly to the account via E-Banking.
  • Transfer at ATM, deposit money at the local bank via atm tree or bank branch.
  • E-banking, fast money transfer via Internet Banking account.
  • QRcode, use banking app to confirm the transaction.
  • ZaloPay, recharge via ZaloPay wallet, can scan code or transfer money.

Momo, pay via Momo wallet, similar to ZaloPay.

  • ViettelPay, recharge via ViettelPay e-wallet.

Step 3: Follow the instructions of the house, and pay the money in the corresponding form. Then the KU deposit will be added directly to the player’s casino betting account.

Note when depositing

  • Recharge forms Ku casino e-wallets, and local banks are regularly maintained. So if you want to have the best deposit method, you should link banking and Internet Banking applications to make casino recharge more convenient.
  • Banks support Ku casino quite a lot, but mainly through ACB, BIDV, Dong A Bank, EXIMBANK, HDBANK, MBBank, Sacombank, SHB, Techcombank, TPBank, SCB, VIB, Viet A Bank, Vietcombank. Using the correct bank account to link the above banks supports a faster and more convenient top-up for you. These banks allow users to play casinos legally.
  • Ku casino minimum deposit amount from 100k for most deposit methods. Also can’t load the scratch card, so you try to link an e-wallet or bank account. Make the casino payment process more convenient and faster.

Withdraw money

Usually, when Ku Casino’s balance reaches 200k you can withdraw money. Withdrawal steps are simple through the instructions:

Step 1: Log in to your Ku casino account at the official link, then select “R” at the interface.

Step 2: Choose a bank account, enter the number of withdrawal points, and enter a security password.

Step 3: Click “Confirm”.

Only after about 5 minutes the amount you need to withdraw will be added ng directly into the bank account linked to the bookie KU. Very simple and fast, right?

Note for quick withdrawal at the Kucasino bookie:

  • Linking multiple casino-supported banks, sharing bank accounts with account holders, and choosing big banks like BIDV, Dong-A, and Vietcombank will give faster Ku casino transaction speed.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount in a Kucasino transaction is from 200,000 VND to 1 billion VND per transaction, Ku casino allows up to 2 withdrawals per day.
  • Kucasino withdrawal conditions the number of bet points must be equal to the number of points deposited the last time.

Reviews from customers of Ku Casino

Reviewing Ku casino from customers is the most objective information to help you feel more secure when investing in KU. So new casino customers can completely rely on some basic information such as:

Why should you play at Ku casino – Compare KU with other Casinos

It is easy to see that the Kubet is one of the fastest-growing addresses in our country’s market. The interface design is in favor of the experience of the KU bookie. Combined with the Vietnamese Dealer system, it is an extremely big bright spot with almost no casino on the market than dc KU at this point.

KU is also one of the few casinos to develop its betting hall. In addition to giving players a new Kubet playground, you also enjoy a larger KU discount. So, of course, if compared to playing at gaming portals, participating at the casino gives players more incentives.

Ku casino also possesses many other features that the does not have. Like watching Kubet movies, live Kubet sports, Kubet lottery groups…. They greatly support the Kubet experience and entertainment of Kubet players.

Ku casino customer service

The Ku casino is also always interested in customer support and advice. The vast majority of players are currently using KU online support. Through the online chat channel with almost all inquiries, casino players’ KU access problems are fixed almost immediately.

You can also get Ku casino customer care advice via Viber, phone number, zalo. Especially adding a remote support channel to help fix KU game errors on players’ devices. Serving members Kubet has a long-lasting casino environment, every day.

Frequently asked questions by new casino players

In addition, almost everyone who knows KU also has questions when it comes to online entertainment services Ku Casino. The questions the vast majority of KU participants ask when betting on this casino include:

Is it legal to play online casinos?

All Ku casino online betting services are legally licensed from major countries. So you can safely join an online casino. Although sometimes the link to access the KU is blocked, players will never worry about any legal risk.

In addition, Kubet players are also protected by the KU house, playing Ku casino betting to earn money anonymously. So you can feel more secure when creating a Ku casino account, and participating in the games KU offers. Deposit a small amount of money, win is KU for instant withdrawal.

Is this online casino safe?

With more than 11 years of operation, players can rest assured about the entertainment games that Ku casino offers. The Kubet also does not have any problems with the casino blacklist, and the casino reviews are also highly appreciated. So you can feel more secure when investing in Kubet, choosing a casino.

Moreover, your Ku casino account when registering online will be via the owner’s phone number. Thus, KU members can conduct online verification of their phone numbers and protect their casino accounts. Then the full amount in your KU account, your KU information also has better casino security.

Is KU’s arrest real or fake?

Recently, Ku casino received a lot of false information spreading that KU was arrested. But you can easily see that the KU is still operating stably, throughout so far. If Ku online casino was arrested, how could KU still thrive to this day?

Moreover, KU is only based in the Philippines and is certified by PAGCOR as a legal casino, not established as a casino in our country. So the domestic arrests from the tabloids are completely untrue, smearing KU. Kubet players can rely on that to feel more secure when referring to casino game instructions, creating a casino account to play online Kubet betting every day.

Why unlock the Kubet deposit?

There are very few cases where the Kubet deposit is locked, so if anyone wants to make a deposit to play Kucasino games online, they need to proceed to unlock the Ku casino deposit to participate in the game at Kucasino. Because online Kubet betting relies on the amount of money you have to participate, at least KU requires you to deposit 100k to be able to invest, entertain and win.

If you don’t unlock Ku Casino, of course, if you have a bet, it’s okay, but you can’t play Kucasino games anymore. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to learn how to unlock and recharge KU accounts. Player When participating, you should learn carefully through the articles on how to play betting provided by Ku Bet.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts?

Of course not, Ku does not allow many people to sign up for multiple Ku casino accounts to try to take advantage of the promotions Kubet offers. However, if you are discovered by Ku, your account will be locked. Lightly, Ku casino allows to confirm the main account and continue playing, heavy will be blocked by Ku for the entire account.

So it’s best to only use it with a single Ku casino account, and link Ku with your phone number. This both increases security and reduces risk. Bringing a better money-making casino space for all Ku brothers.

Is 128K Casino promotion more or less compared to other bookies?

Playing online betting, the Kubet does not find Ku casino promotions, it is indeed a huge mistake. The 128k online promotion can be said to be a very good amount of capital compared to other online betting brands on the market. Although not a very large number, Ku provides a good amount of capital for you to invest in Ku Casino, without having to worry about the problem of depositing Ku when registering a successful Kubet account.

Although Ku may promote not much, the bonus is also less than some other betting units on the market. But the current Ku casino promotions are all about the player’s experience. Ku doesn’t require too many re-staking rounds, they serve up faster Ku withdrawals in the future if you win your bet.


Ku casino is one of the most prestigious entertainment casinos at the moment. Also provides a lot of useful information, a feature guide, and play-rich betting. Update the online link of the https://kubet77.win/ to make it easier for you to access and join the casino at kucasino88

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