Leading People Through Fear, Uncertainty & Doubts Into Urgent Actions

Great leadership involves setting clear directions and then letting people do their job. It helps them perform their actions to the fullest. You don’t have to create an environment of fear and doubts. The consequences of fear-based leadership are very damaging since it ruins the confidence of the team. They don’t feel the need to track their every move. It will only make them feel pressured and constrained. Such toxic culture can become a major hurdle in your success. 

How to Lead People Through Uncertainty?

Uncertain times test the potential of an organization’s leadership. It is during these times that successful leaders bring out decisive actions. They set examples for people through their urgent actions in times of hopelessness.

Here are some fruitful tips to help you lead people in times of uncertainty. 

  • Don’t Practice Fear-Based Leadership

You need to clean up the toxic and fear-based leadership culture. Instead, build a more friendly and trustful environment. In difficult times, people will not interact and keep themselves out of the lane. They might be afraid of losing their jobs if they work under a cloud of fear. So, you have to devote your time to listening to their concerns and solving their problems. It will show that you sincerely care for your people and help you bring urgent decisive actions with your team.

  • Make People Feel Safe and Secure

Being a leader, it is your job to find more effective styles in accomplishing the company’s needs. Make your people feel safe and supported. Instead of blaming them for little failure, appreciate them for bigger success. If you are kind and generous, people will tell you the truth even if it is bitter. It will help you save your company from bigger troubles. 

Get inspiration from Richard Warke Vancouver – based entrepreneur, a well-respected leader in the mining industry. He attributes all his success to his skilled and knowledgeable management team. 

  • Provide Training for Employees

Reach out to different leadership training programs for your team members. Make them learn about soft skills such as time management and instant making decisions. Train them mentally for the possible challenges and competitions. Some leaders believe in prioritizing their team and boosting their morale. It is what you need through times of fear. 

  • Practice Consistency and Certainty

People must see their leaders like Richard Warke Augusta, who is making firm and confident decisions. If you are not sure about what to do next, your employees will question your qualifications. Such uncertainty gives rise to doubts and ultimately people will also fear success in moving forward. Be willing to take risks and keep your legacy. 


Great leaders are those who face times of uncertainty, fear, and doubts with an effective strategy. They encourage constant growth and progression of the team instead of pointing them out. You can also lead people through stressful times into urgent actions by following the above directions. 

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