Marketing Tips for Your Business on Instagram

In a world of social media frenzy, Instagram is a sure-shot winner considering how it has been shaping up all these years. Many people have started to become influencers, video bloggers, photo bloggers and also endorsed their small to medium scale businesses online.

In today’s world, marketing is the holy grail to success. If you can make it attractive and visible at the touch of a button – it sells. Every business, big or small has to market its products and portfolio online for it to be reachable and visible to a large audience. What better way to do it than on a platform that already has millions of users? All you have to do is target the right ones.

Instagram offers itself as a platform that is excellent for someone who wants to launch their unique business model and products online. Many people young and old, have started launching and setting up their Instagram pages in search of followers. Instagram offers them what normal marketing does not – a quick and large audience. Businesses thrive on the visibility and reach factor that Instagram has, to expand and roll out their business models.

Let us look at some quick tips for how you can market your business on Instagram.

Tips to Market Business on Instagram

Always use a business account for your business

When you sign up on Instagram, it gives you an option whether your account will be a business account or personal. Keep your personal and business accounts separate and choose the business option. Why?

Business accounts have advantages that personal ones do not. With business accounts, you can not only post and maintain your data but also view the analytics on your posts and presence. It allows you to connect to your Facebook page as well. In business accounts, you can run paid advertisements, boosts your posts which makes followers spot and follow you. Use Famoid -> to increase your account followers. Having a business account helps you in improving quality, better engagement, and establishing a strong brand presence.

Use the bio part of your account

Most people underestimate the bio part of their account. It is the most crucial yet most underrated part of your Instagram profile. Make sure you fill in your bio with a short description of yourself and the brand so people know who you are. Use wise hashtags that are significant to your business and will help people locate you better. Also, use this space wisely to direct traffic to your website. E.g., you are posting a video recipe; ensure the full recipe is in a link that is embedded in your bio. This will help direct more hits onto your website or youtube handle as well.

The look of your profile

Instagram is an extremely visual experience. Ensure your profile looks neat with the right use of colors, themes, fonts, and palettes. If you are a traditional business, avoid using loud and snazzy colors that don’t go with the overall mood. Ensure that your brand name, image, business is all in sync with how the profile looks.

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