Top 7 Mobile App Development Ideas to Execute in 2021

What are we with our cell phones! It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the brutal truth- we are reliant on our cell phones like no other item. As such, the mobile application development sector is profitable but booming, searching for the most distinctive and tempting notion that would amass them a significant number of consumers in the current times.

An app startup is all about a brilliant app idea. What can the app provide and is the app essential to reach the market among the questions that occur in any entrepreneur’s mind?

But coming up with one of the top app ideas is not as straightforward as it appears. When you are looking to execute one of the leading app ideas for 2021, it is recommended to consider the pros and cons involved in it.

Statistica issued a study in the first quarter of 2020 saying that the Google Play app market contains around 2.9 million applications. In comparison, the Apple Store now offers 1.85 million mobile applications to iPhone customers. With such colossal proportions, it seems nearly impossible to keep coming up with an app concept that hasn’t been heard or thought about.

#1. Virtual Traveling

Coronavirus lockers everyone in between the four walls and leaves us with no choice except to wait for it to disappear, still somewhat tough to comprehend. With the bad economy, it’s great to have an app that takes you on a virtual tour of other places, offering the escape we all desire. We should include the most popular destinations globally, and the types of activities travelers may engage in online to provide a greater sense of travel.

#2. Food Delivery App

A five-dollar product with a two-dollar shipping charge is a lousy deal. This software may be used to locate the most affordable and reliable grocery delivery service in your neighborhood. The user will enter the required information, such as delivery location, meal selection, and contact information, and will then see whether the item is eligible for delivery.

As a result, developing an online meal ordering application is one of the finest app ideas for 2021. You may adopt the same concept by employing a company specializing in interactive mobile or web application design at a price point that fits your budget.

#3. AI-based Restaurant Reservation

Why should you pass up an opportunity to dine at a fantastic establishment? For last-minute plans, this app would display a graphical map of nearby pubs and restaurants, and the user will be able to reserve a specific table for a given time in advance. As a result, it may be one of the most effective and straightforward application concepts.

Using Artificial Intelligence, this program can remember the user’s preferences and make appropriate suggestions. Not only does AI assist in selecting better dining establishments, but it also makes them more personalized.

#4. Online Tutoring

Tuition and after-school classes are taxing on our children. Perhaps you could develop an app that connects parents with qualified instructors available to teach online at convenient times. Add some unique elements to encourage students to connect and share their notes, such as peer groups and study material zones.

#5. Taxi Dispatch App

Taxi app services have been in high demand since Uber’s launch. By 2024, it is projected that 1588 million individuals would have used online taxi services. The need for mobile application development services in Spain is ever more with the rise in demand for taxi dispatch apps. Although it needs a certain amount of money, the good news is that you may double your investment within a financial year. The app’s success is contingent upon the quality of the service you provide. If you can guarantee a high level of service, taxi app development is a lucrative area to pursue.

#6. Home workout app

Home workouts are popular these days. Because the epidemic hit us hard, all the gyms and fitness clubs have been locked down, which means we must work out at home if we want to stay in shape. While people struggle to discover an exercise plan that works for their body type, they usually injure themselves to find it. You can undertake the project of making it easier for them to get work done and design an application where they enter their preferred duration, physique, and goals. The application matches their routines with pre-selected options.

#7. Payment Wallet App

The economy is rapidly digitizing, and cashless transactions have become the new normal. Numerous online payment apps have already captured the public imagination. However, there is room for improvement. If you can create a payment wallet application that offers unique features and secure services, there is a reasonable probability of success. Consider how quickly Google Pay has gained popularity in recent years and how it has evolved into a standard means of money transfer! If you have any thoughts along those lines, the time to act is now!


Whichever app concept you choose to build, the app’s success is ultimately determined by the abilities of the app design team and the expertise they bring to the process. Even a high-end mobile application with sophisticated capabilities may occasionally fail to reach the intended audience. In contrast, a basic yet thoughtfully built app penetrates the market and attracts more consumers.

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