Aarti Zaveri – the rising multi-disciplinary artist in India


Multi-disciplinary art goes beyond traditional artistic practices. Artists combine several art forms to create something new and display it outside the exhibition venues. Artists create art that provokes thoughts and emotions in viewers. The art is often experimental as artists seek new forms of expression in between the established art disciplines. Multi-disciplinary art is evolving all the time with many professionals trying to explore new dimensions.

Aarti Zaveri – the rising multi-disciplinary artist in India 

As stated, multi-disciplinary artists combine various art forms to communicate and engage with the targeted audience. They also use various mediums and media to present their creative ideas. Aarti Zaveri is not an exception. As a renowned multi-disciplinary artist in Delhi, she loves to use multiple platforms to convey messages to viewers through her visual art. She uses the following mediums as a visual artist: 


Installations are large and mixed-media creations designed for a specific place. The art often occupies an entire room or gallery to engage spectators with the work of art. The installation art is often displayed at the park and outside venues temporarily or permanently. The installation art gives a unified experience or environment contrary to the traditional individual artworks. 

In her installations, she loves highlighting pressing societal, environmental, and contemporary issues of Mother Earth to create awareness among the public. She has won appreciation and accolades for her creative and aesthetic works. 


Painting is one of the oldest forms of visual art. Artists use the canvas for creative expressions of thought processes, imagination, and natural beauty. They can evoke emotions and appreciation in human beings. The art form can fuel the emotional realm of viewers. 

As a multi-disciplinary artist in Delhi, she uses painting to express herself to the world. She uses the five elements of nature as reference points in her works to be contemplative and open to interpretation. In recent works, she has explored colours, lines, textures, layers, compositions and processes that use fluidity. Her notable paintings such as Life, Elements of Being, Timeless Moments, Pehchaan, and army portrait have won appreciation from all quarters. 

Video art 

Aarti is one of the few video art practitioners in India. Video art enables her to exploit the inexpensive medium but helps to reach a wider audience. The short duration and non-narrative videos highlight burning issues to create an impact on the audience. Some of her video artworks include Braille of Ganga, Visual Art on Migration, and Woman Trying to Breathe. The short videos are engaging and carry crucial messages to viewers. 

Driving force of her artistic practices

As a reputed multi-disciplinary artist in India, she derives concepts of her visual art from various topographical changes that occurred in India due to rapid growth and modernization. She also likes to reflect on the impact of urbanization on ecology. Owing to her thought-provoking and aesthetic artworks in different mediums and media, she has won accolades and recognition worldwide. She has held exhibitions of her art works in Germany, Singapore, France and India. Contact us to know more. 

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