Nova City Islamabad, a new housing project in the city, offers great living and investment options. This project is located close to the CPEC route and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

You will find both the ideal lifestyle and modern conveniences. This housing society was established by Nova City Developers and had a high investment potential.

Although the society has not been officially launched yet, Nova developers are expected to launch it shortly with all the luxury amenities and unbeatable prices. The developers are known for their quality infrastructure development.

RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), which can be used for various other development projects, is also available. The Expo Centre and the educational city are just a few examples. All projects. Nova City’s landscape parks are of world-class quality. There are 8740 acres.

Nova City Islamabad Location:

Nova City Islamabad is conveniently located near the CPEC route and the New Islamabad International Airport. While the main entrance to the society is located on Bongo Khanial Road, and a second entrance is planned at Rawalpindi Ring Road.

This society is located in the vicinity of New Islamabad. The project is situated near New Islamabad’s international airport. It is easily accessible from Islamabad or Rawalpindi because it is central. Easy access to the M-2 motorway linking Lahore with Islamabad makes it more attractive for residents and investors. 

This place is excellent for investing and living in Islamabad. Residents will enjoy exclusive access to the city’s major attractions and be surrounded by world-class amenities. You can find other prominent housing developments nearby, including Mumtaz City and Capital Smart City. Nova City Islamabad is located near Rawalpindi.

Society’s ability to take the easy way is what determines its future. We can see that the future is bright because of the accessibility to Nova City, Islamabad. These are the ways Nova City can be reached.

* Located right next to the CPEC route.

* Located right next to the Rawalpindi Road

* Located right next to the CPEC Ring Road Interchange

* Only 3 minutes drive from Kanial, Rawalpindi

* Attock, Bango are only 6 minutes away

* Attock, Dhok Korak are just 9 minutes away

Nova City Islamabad Map

Nova City Islamabad location is ideal for both living and investing. This location offers investors great opportunities for growth and benefits in the future. Nova City’s housing company is easily accessible to all city areas.

You will also find many nearby attractions such as educational facilities, commercial zones, and health facilities. The Ring Road, GT Road, and Motorway are all ways to reach this project. It is a beautiful place to call home due to its lush green surroundings. It has all the amenities that one could want, including the perfect natural environment.

Nova City Islamabad Payment Plan

It is expected that all great societies have a general and an executive branch. Although we have limited information suggesting that everyone is ready for formal land sales, it is clear that this is government work and takes time.

The society will only be selling residential plots in the 5 and 10 Marla range, along with 1 and 2 Kanal, during the pre-launch period. They are currently not accepting reservations for industrial plots. They are currently only selling residential plots, as society is still in pre-launch.


Nova City, Islamabad’s payment system was designed to be flexible and simple to suit the needs of all people. To confirm a reservation, a 10% deposit is required. After 45 days, 10% confirmation fees must be paid.

Failure to pay the confirmation fee in 45 days will result in the cancellation of the plot reservation. 75% of the original payment is not refundable. The payment plan is broken down so that everyone can use it.

Sky Marketing presents the payment plan to our clients and readers interested in the November City residential property in Islamabad. These prices and plans are for pre-launch plots. Final prices might be announced very soon after the company is launched. It is the payment plan.

Nova City has reasonable property prices. It will only increase as development continues. Nova City Islamabad offers residential plot files at 5 Marla, 10, and 1 Channel. These plot files can be very profitable and cost-effective.

A 5 Marla plot costs Rs. 1,995,000/with a down payment Rs. 1,995,000/ with a down payment of Rs. 199,500.

There are 40 monthly installments at Rs.19.500, 8 semi-annual installments at Rs.45,000, and Rs.456,000 that can be made. These payments must be made when the property is in your possession.

A 10 Marla plot costs Rs. A 10 Marla plot is priced at Rs. 3,750,000/ and requires a down payment in the amount of Rs. 350,000/ with a down payment of Rs.

There are 40 monthly installments at Rs.36,000 and 8 semi-annual installments at Rs.99,000 and Rs.768,000 that can be paid once the property has been taken into your possession.

Nova City Islamabad Owners & Developers

Nova City Developers will be the developers of Nova City Islamabad. They have completed all of the committed projects.

They never delayed or failed to deliver any of their projects. They have been working since 1975, which is why they are trustworthy and reliable.

They have delivered projects in residential, social, and commercial areas. Nova developers are proud to present this inspiring project. They built it with a passion for delivering world-class residential developments.

They are a diverse group of developers specializing in high-end investment and real estate growth. With their latest project Nova City in Islamabad, they hope to change people’s lives.

The construction of the main boulevard is nearly complete. The land leveling project is still ongoing. The road network is well-developed. The project’s creators adhere to international standards.

Also, the work on street lights and green belts progresses well. Most importantly, the construction of the main entry is complete.

The Nova City NOC is soon to be approved by the relevant authorities.  The approval of a NOC legalizes the housing society and builds trust in developers and society.

After the NOC has been approved, Nova City Housing Society Islamabad will officially be launched. Due to the NOC process, the marketing phase of Nova City Housing Society Islamabad has not been launched.

Master plans of nova city, Islamabad:

According to developers, Nova City Islamabad will open shortly. The society’s master plan is not yet available to the public as it is still in its pre-launch phase. The society’s master plan details are still being refined and are in pre-launch mode.

According to pre-launch details provided by the developer, the society will only offer residential plots. The designers have not revealed society’s blocks. We expect this society to have blocks, just like other societies.

It is expected that all great societies have a general and an executive branch. We have limited information that indicates that the society is ready for structured land sales. However, this may take some time as these are government tasks that can take longer than usual.

The society will only be selling residential plots in the 5 and 10 Marla range, along with 1 and 2 Kanal, during the pre-launch period. They are currently not accepting reservations for industrial plots.

The society would dedicate a greater portion of its land for safaris, theme parks, and 5-star hotels in the beginning stages. A top-notch team has been responsible for developing and planning the transportation, communication, and sanitation systems. It will ensure that the society provides the best possible services to its citizens.

Nova City Islamabad NOC:

Every housing company and the investor must have a valid NOC because NOC approval allows indoor housing companies to be legally recognized and builds trust between developers and society.

The Nova City Housing Company Islamabad will be launched once the NOC has been approved. The company has not yet begun its marketing phase due to the NOC.

After approval by the society, developers will officially launch their project, and construction work can begin. Soon, all paperwork will be signed by the concerned authorities. The approval will increase the price of plots available for sale at Nova City Islamabad.

Facilities and amenities:

Nova City, Islamabad, was designed to offer international standards facilities at a fair price. Every block is designed with unique functionality and a unique view to offer its residents an elevated living experience.

Gated community:

The double-boundary wall makes this magnificent housing society completely secure.  This housing society is unique because a liveable neighborhood surrounds it.

Schools and Mosque:

Society’s owners want to offer quality education. To provide high-quality education, schools will be built in the society. In society, there is also a mosque. These facilities allow you to lead a high-quality life.

Clinics and health care:

Every person needs health care facilities. Management will build hospitals in the community.

Fitness club and parks:

A healthy lifestyle includes a focus on fitness and health. There are many gyms and parks in the area. Health-conscious people can take care of their fitness.

Shopping Malls:

Societies will enjoy the convenience of shopping malls that will offer all the outlets for national and international brands. Your prestigious brands will allow you to purchase quality accessories.

Electricity, Gas, and Water Facility:

All basic utilities are provided by this housing society, including electricity, gas, and water. 

Carpeted roads:

The society will install carpeted roads throughout the community. These roads will be 40, 60, and 80 feet wide.

Peaceful and natural atmosphere:

Today’s large cities are filled with noise and pollution. Everyone wants to live in peace and harmony. Everyone wants to be closer to nature. This magnificent housing society will allow you to live a healthier life in a tranquil environment closer to nature.

Nova city Islamabad features:

  • State of Art Sewerage System
  • Streets of cement
  • Street lights
  • Jogging
  • Association for community
  • Large network of roads
  • CCTV Security
  • Guards and Motion censors


Nova City Developers developed Nova City Islamabad in a prime location near Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other major cities. It is located right next to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor route. The Rawalpindi Ring Road also makes it the best-integrated housing society in the future.

The housing society has the potential to provide high-yield investment returns and is therefore promising. It is the chance to make a fortune if you believe in a bright future.

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