Original Equipment Manufacturer – Definition, Example, Benefits

Original Equipment Manufacturer – Definition example benefits for Air Conditioning and Heating systems are: The value of an OEM system is determined by the cost of replacement in case of breakdowns. Also, the price of OEM systems depends on the warranties that the company offers. The contracts vary from one equipment manufacturer to another. Also, the price of OEM systems does not depend on whether the client requires a specified warranty or not.

Original Equipment Manufacturer 

Definition example benefits for Window Cleaning Companies: Companies use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment to clean windows. This equipment is manufactured by companies that are certified to supply OEM services 6AV2124-0QC02-0AX0. A Window Cleaning Company may also be entitled to government refunds on the cost of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems when they are installed.

Definition example benefit for Refurbishment/Repair/Service Companies is: When a company requires assistance fix its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment, such companies may require assistance from a service provider that is an authorized dealer of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Service providers are the ones that specialize in servicing such equipment. Sometimes, refurbishment companies that are not branded as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) also provide this kind of service. Such companies may also offer warranty protection on their refurbished or repaired equipment.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies

Definition example benefits for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies: When a company requires help fix their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment, such companies may need assistance from specialized technicians who are authorized dealers of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These technicians are trained to replace, repair or upgrade an OEM product, or perform a complete overhaul. Sometimes, companies also need their equipment to run specific tests, conduct clinical researches, or do other similar tasks. In these cases, they would need fully functional testing and diagnostic equipment that has been modified for use with their specific products. For these purposes, they could only get these products from a recognized company and certified by such organizations as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The only way to be sure is to find one such qualified Company.

Medical Equipment Manufacturers 

If a Medical Device Company needs help in troubleshooting, designing, building, or manufacturing any medical equipment, such companies can rely on a reputable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Such a manufacturer would be able to help them resolve any technical problem that comes with their products. Such manufacturers would also be able to help them customize their products to meet their specific needs. In such cases, an OEM would help the Medical Equipment Manufacturer in designing, building, and manufacturing the products according to medical specifications and in compliance with applicable healthcare organizations.

Pharmaceutical Products

Definition example benefits for Pharmaceutical Suppliers are: Pharmaceutical products require specialized care, attention, maintenance, handling, storage, and disposal. To provide all these services, the pharmaceutical industry needs the services of only a single source. This single source could be a single manufacturer that supplies all these services. To get such a service, they would need to make use of only the most dependable manufacturers in the business.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Benefits for Medical Device Manufacturers: An Original Equipment Manufacturer would be indispensable for the medical device industry. They supply all the manufacturing and engineering facilities required to manufacture many different kinds of medical apparatus. Without such equipment, the manufacturing process may not go smoothly, as in many cases, things break down. Without them, the product would not be efficient, and it would not be safe. Such a manufacturer would also have specialized knowledge about the proper functioning of many different kinds of medical equipment and could do so much better than anyone else.


These are just some of the many benefits that an OEM can bring to the table. A few other ones and a professional OEM salesperson can inform you of them if you ask him. An OEM, in many cases, could even help you save money – another point why they are so popular nowadays. If your product is too good for the rest of the market, it is probably time to consider buying from the OEM. It could prove to be a sage decision.

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