Out-Of-The-Box Bag-Locating Tricks That Work Wonders

Out-Of-The-Box Bag-Locating Tricks That Work Wonders

The baggage carousel is undoubtedly the airport location where you experience the most anxiety. Your worry increases when you can’t find your checked luggage, mostly if it appears like everyone else’s. We are here to assist you with this. Continue reading if you want to learn some tricks that will make you wonder how you lived without knowing them.

Use Luminous Duck Tape

The first trick to use that most people never think of is using brightly colored duck tape to mark your check-in luggage. You may go the extra mile and use this duck tape to mark out your initials on the front and back of your suitcase. This tape will be visible the moment it emerges from the luggage carousel, and you will be able to pick it up as soon as it gets to you.

Use Fun Stickers On The Suitcase

Do you know that your suitcase can be a canvas to plaster all the souvenir stickers you collect on your travels?

Well, this is yet another way to locate your luggage faster using stickers of whatever nature: whimsical, cartoon, or affirmation stickers. Yet again, this trick will help you locate your bag as soon as it emerges on the luggage line-up. 

And even if it ends up lost, describing it to the cargo team at the airport will be easier. And this will result in you getting reunited with our sticker-rich suitcase fast.

Get The Luggage Personalized 

Personalization is the key to finding your luggage the fastest while it is on the belt. So if you are not a fan of stickers or your suitcase material does not allow you to use stickers, consider getting limited editions customized with your initials or full name. 

This highlights the piece of luggage from a mile away.

Tie A Bright Ribbon

The ribbon that your daughter, sister, niece, or wife uses for decorations or their hair can also be used for your luggage. This also highlights where the bag is, but you must do it strategically.

The ribbon should be short so that it does not tag or get stuck in the luggage carousel or any other moving mechanism at the airport.

Have It Marked As Fragile

Another super trick is to have the baggage handlers mark your bag as fragile. This trick helps you kill two birds with one stone. The first issue you sort out is that you will find the bag faster once it hits the belt. The second thing is that you will limit the mishandling of your bag, which is a common issue at the airport.

Bags marked as fragile are usually loaded last and offloaded first. So this also ensures you get your bag among the first people so you can get out of the airport or move faster to the next gate for a connecting flight.

Bottom line

To survive the crazy movements that happen at the airport, you need to develop smart and affordable ways to keep moving just as fast as the crowd. These five tricks help you to get all that done and more.

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