Peter DeCaprio: How To Answer – What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

When it comes to interviewing, you will be asked questions about your experience, skills, abilities and limitations. If they are really skilled at interviewing tough questions then they might even ask what your greatest weakness is. How you answer this question may determine whether or not you get the job.

It is imperative that in an interview you do not reveal any weaknesses that would blemish your chances of getting the job.

If you have been contemplating your greatest weakness, now is the time to come up with an answer so as not to lose out on a great opportunity says Peter DeCaprio

Below are some strategies on how you can turn this question around and turn it into a positive opportunity for yourself.

1. Give your greatest strength as your weakness.

For example, “I’m a perfectionist.” or “I work too much.” Be sure to choose a weakness that seems like an asset in the job for which you are applying.

If they ask further about any weaknesses you have, try to think of common ones such as being disorganized or impatient, then try to minimize them by saying that you are working on it.

2. Give a strength that is really a weakness.

For example “I am too much of a people person.” or “I care too much about my job.”

3. Make something up.

If you feel uncomfortable sharing any weaknesses, simply make one up. For example, “I get angry easily.”

4. Turn it around and say that you are too good at what you do 

Because you like to keep improving yourself or that you care too much about your work because it demonstrates how committed you are to the job.

5. Give strength of another employee in the same position.

For example, if you are interviewing for a marketing position and one of your strengths is that you have great organizational skills then say, “My assistant is disorganized and I help her stay on top of things.”

6. Give strength of the company’s past employee.

For example, “A former employee was able to think outside the box and I think I do that too.”

7. Turn the question around by saying, “I don’t really know what my greatest weakness is.” or “What you would say is my greatest strength?” 

This will give them an opportunity to tell you instead of you having to tell them.

If asked this question when you are interviewing definitely does not mention something that will make you seem less desirable for the job. It is very important to be aware of your actions when in an interview so as not to jeopardize your chances at getting the job. When asked this question try any one of these strategies in order to leave a positive impression with the interviewer.

Follow these steps and you will surely impress the interviewer.


Q: I’m a good public speaker, but bad at answering questions from a panel. What can I say?

A: Try saying something along the lines of “I tend to focus too much on what I’m going to say instead of paying attention to who is asking the question.” or “I have a tendency to get nervous when put in that situation.”

Q: What do you say when they ask you what your greatest weakness is?

A: This is not recommended for an interview, because if you can’t think of something during the interview then it’s probably not the best place to reveal this information. It is better to be prepared with an answer beforehand.

If you can’t think of something to say on the spot or don’t want to reveal your weakness, see what you come up with and try it out before the interview. If you feel like its right for you, perfect. If not, keep thinking!


If you want to get the job then your best bet is to be prepared before the interview even starts. If you are not prepared with an answer, don’t let this affect your confidence in yourself. It will only make things worse if you try to come up with something during the interview instead of preparing beforehand.

You can always tell them that you are not perfect and nobody is perfect. Tell them that you are constantly trying to improve yourself even if it’s something as simple as trying to learn a new skill or task for the company says Peter DeCaprio.

Just remember that confidence shines through, no matter what your personality or background is. Have faith in yourself! You can do it!

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