As technology has evolved, new problems have entered the market!! Such as privacy issues, data stealing and much more. But does it have any solution? Yeah, definitely, every problem has a solution. 

All thanks to one of our clients who a few days back suggested the best DMCA ignored hosting provider, QloudHost. Hence we decided to try it and share our personal experience with you here in this QloudHost review. 

So without any further delay, let’s get started!! 

About QloudHost 

QloudHost claims to be one of the best DMCA ignored hosting providers that offer its services with full privacy assurance!! But more interestingly, they minimise your identity visibility on the internet so that you can make your untraceable online presence. 

In addition to that, QloudHost has also equipped its servers with high-quality features such as Full content flexibility, Full root access, Daily backup and many more impressive features that will discuss in further sections in detail. 

QloudHost Test and Analysis

But before that let’s discuss the test results that we conducted while using its services. Hence we will recommend you to read this section carefully so that you can understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 

Speed Test

We conducted a speed test right after we bought QloudHost’s offshore hosting services so that if we found any latency we will immediately cancel their services!! We used GTMetrix to conduct our speed test which is one of the most renowned platforms to perform speed test. Well GTMetrix resulted with A grade for our website with 99% performance, which is really impressive!! 

As you can see in the image attached below!! 

In addition to that GTMetrix read the first content paint in just 554 ms and full content load was just 1.6 sec which is quite satisfying result. 

Hence in terms of speed test, really QloudHost is good option to consider!! 

 Note: We hidden our website details due to privacy issue.

Security analysis 

But as you know!! Speed test is enough to just analyse the performance of their servers not the security. That’s why after deeply analysing their services we filtered out some of its key security features that will provide you the complete picture of its server’s security strength. 

Strong Firewall: Firewall is used to protect the servers containing your website against any kind of malware, script injection, unauthorised access attempts or any kind of cyber attacks. 

Full DDoS protection: DDoS is one of the most common attacks that almost all the has to face once; it is intended to crash down your website with a rushed attack of fake users or bots. But QloudHost protect your website against any kind of DDoS attacks. 

Daily backup: Despite both the above security features if your website gets under a threat then in that case QloudHost keeps your website data backup so that it can restored in case any misfortune happens. 

Key Features 

But hey!! What about its other performance related features? Well, we have mentioned some of its key features that separates QloudHost from the market. 

100% DMCA ignored: Since QloudHost has built their servers in the best DMCA ignored countries you can enjoy interrupted performance for your website, making it bypass all the biased country-specific restriction. 

Full content flexibility: As it uses 100% DMCA ignored servers QloudHost allows you to post all you desired content on your website without any restriction or interruptions. 

Full privacy assurance: QloudHost minimises your identity visibility on the internet so that you can enjoy full privacy and make your online presence without losing your anonymity. 

Full root access: To ensure you can enjoy the ultimate power of your servers QloudHost provides you service’s with full root access so that you customise your server’s resources as per your needs an requirements. 

Plans and Pricing

We have attached a table below that will help you to understand the worth of their services. 

Entry Plan ($18/mo) Value Plan ($32/mo) Super Plan($45/mo)
1v CPU  2v CPU  4v CPU
50 GB NVMe SSD  100 GB NVMe SSD  120 GB NVMe SSD 
750 GB bandwidth 1.5 TB  bandwidth  1.75 TB bandwidth 


QloudHost Pros and Cons 

Overall QloudHost seems to be an excellent option to choose!! But not everything can be great about it, right? Hence we tried to filter out some of its major pros and cons that will help you to understand better about its services. 


  • 100% DMCA ignored 
  • Full content flexibility 
  • Top notch security 
  • 24*7 customer support 


No shared hosting plans

Do We Recommend QloudHost?

Yes, if you want to host your website live on the internet without being concerned about your privacy then definitely QloudHost will the a right option for you because as we have told you above QloudHost has built its servers in the best DMCA ignored locations so you can enjoy your website without any biased country specific restrictions. 

In addition, it minimises your identity visibility on the internet to ensure that you get full privacy and untraceable footprints. 


Where is the QloudHost server are Located?

QloudHost has located its servers in the Netherlands which is one of the best DMCA ignored countries in the world and allows you to bypass biased country-specific restrictions. 

Is QloudHost safe?

Yes, as far as we have realised its services we found QloudHost to be a really safe and high quality DMCA ignored hosting provider in the market. 

Does QloudHost offer Free Domain Name?

No, QloudHost does not provide any Domain service for their customers because they try to minimise your visibility and recommend you to get DMCA ignored domain name. 

What plan should I choose if I’m a beginner?

See!! It totally depends upon your needs and requirements. For example, if you want to start online DMCA ignored streaming then you should choose their offshore streaming plan likewise if you want to start your video streaming website then you should choose their offshore video hosting plans 


So what do you think about!! Well honestly we are using QloudHost from the last 6 months and we are really satisfied with its service’s performance because we haven’t found any downtime yet and latency either.

Hence, in terms of performance QloudHost is really amazing and when combined with high-quality security then it becomes an ideal choice for you if you’re looking for something similar 

Hopefully, you have found this QloudHost review helpful. 

The rest is up to you!! Make a wise decision. 

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