Reasons to get employee monitoring software in 2021

Covid-19 is the reason for drastic change among businesses; from hiring to working, the methods have changed. Employers are using online approaches such as online interviewing and implying work from home. It is necessary for keeping people’s healthy, but at the same time, it has caused many problems.

As you’re not around your team members a lot, they tend to ignore their tasks. You can’t scold them in person because you don’t know the whole story. That’s why employers are in deep need of using employee monitoring app.

But there comes many restrictions within it, and for example, you can’t invade their privacy. The purpose of your spying should be only to make your business better. That’s why you need legal tracking software that can help you monitor without any problem.

Reasons to get employee monitoring software in 2021

The company future is dependent on employees; if they put in hard work, then the company will be successful. But sometimes, some workers don’t fulfil their responsibilities and show laziness or disloyalty.

What you need in your business is the best employee monitoring software that can provide you with tracking functions. So you can monitor your remote and company employees remotely. Following are the primary reasons that prove that you should get monitoring software in 2021.

Monitor remote employees:

If you are running a remote working business, then the spy app is a lifesaver for you. You can install the employee monitoring software on your worker’s devices. And then take charge of their digital life during work hours. It’ll save you the stress of either they’re working or wasting time while you’re paying them.

Ensure full attendance:

It is straightforward for remote working employees to take time off from work as you’re not physically monitoring them. But you can track GPS location through their devices to ensure they’re working in their homes. But, of course, you’re paying them a handsome amount, so you better watch either they are showing themselves to work or not.

Monitor projects closely:

The app track employees’ phones, monitor the time limit and work progress of specific projects. It is vital for project managers or business owners to monitor big projects to estimate time and budget closely. Apart from that, you can quickly point out and solve work-related issues with accurate monitored knowledge in case of any mistakes.

Reduce time theft:

It is common among employees to waste time during office hours. They do personal chores or sit idly on their desks. You’re paying them to provide progress to the office, not the other way around. Best android monitoring apps help employers to reduce time theft by giving a daily report of their activities. The features such as app monitoring, text spy, etc., are used for this purpose.

Increase employee productivity:

Every business owner wants one thing from their employees, and that is productive outcomes. But it’s not wise to depend on them. That is why you must monitor their productivity rate. Employee monitoring software offers features that help managers to record work progress. Then, you can take notes and propose such strategies that can increase productivity in future.

Secure sensitive data:

You can’t find trustworthy employees at this age, so you’ve to be careful with your company’s sensitive data. Tracking apps provide features that give you detailed reports in case something fishy goes inside your office space. For example, email spy, surround recording help you spy on your employees remotely. And remote features will allow you to remove files from their phones before it goes into the wrong hands.

To gain all these advantages, you must get the best android monitoring app. is proven to provide the best employee monitoring services. Moreover, it has helped many businesses to grow in a short time.

TheWiSpy- Best android monitoring app

TheWiSpy is an employee monitoring app that offers more than 30 features to spy and control office workers. It works in stealth mode, so you always have an option to monitor secretly. When you activate a spying feature, the app starts working in your employee’s device background. When the app gathers necessary information, it uploads it to TheWiSpy account. Then, you can sit on your comfy couch and view the results remotely.

Monitoring feature of TheWiSpy:

Call spy:

You can monitor the call logs of your employees through this feature. It allows you to view calls such as duration, contact details, and a favourite list of contacts. Furthermore, with the help of advanced functionality, you can record calls remotely. The app records the call and then uploads the audio file on the TWS account.

Whatsapp message spy:

TheWiSpy allows you to spy on employee’s texts messages. You will view texts from different apps, such as social media apps. It will help you understand whether your workers are doing their job or wasting time by texting.

GPS tracking:

It is possible that your employee is out attending personal events or doing personal stuff instead of working. You can track GPS locations to ensure they are performing. You can view visited history and real-time location during working hours. If you’re in doubt, then use the geofencing feature to put geographical restrictions. This way, you will be notified if workers will leave the office or home premises.

App monitoring:

You can monitor the app activity of your team members to know either they’re active on social apps or using entertainment apps during office hours. In addition, TheWiSpy has a highly advanced function that offers remote control, such as blocking or restricting specific app usage.

Email monitoring:

TheWiSpy allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing emails from your worker’s device. For example, suppose any of your employees steal from you or transfer company information behind your back. Then this feature can help you catch them.


TheWiSpy stores critical logs typed by the user on their phone. The benefit of these keywords is that in future, whenever you’ll need to login into any account, you won’t have to struggle. That’s because TheWiSpy will have the latest passwords and details of the accounts.

Is TheWiSpy expensive software?

TheWiSpy is highly standard yet affordable software. The app includes advanced and remote features for spying that you can avail through different plans. There are three plans available standard, premium, and starter plan. Following is the reasonable price plans for your ease.

Standard plan:

  • One-month:

  • $19.99 only
  • Three-month:

  • $49.99 only
  • Six-month:

  • $79.99 only

Premium plan:

  • One-month:

  • $29.99 only
  • Three-month:

  • $59.99 only
  • Six-month:

  • $89.99 only

Starter plan:

  • 15-day plan:

  • $9.99 only


No business owner wants to invade their employees’ personal life. But covid-19 has changed everything. That’s why it has become essential for employers to get employee monitoring software.

TheWiSpy has everything that you may need for spying, from high-quality features to affordable pricing. So, you don’t have to waste your time searching for a standard spy app anymore, get your TheWiSpy subscription today for an incredible experience.

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