Recruitment in 2022: 5 Trends to Help You Plan Ahead

Recruitment trends keep changing as demands and needs change. Over the years, recruitment strategies have changed significantly, in everything from sales recruitment to marketing recruitment. The lockdowns and work from home directives saw organizations rethink how they searched and hired new talents. A year later, these emerging trends such as outsourcing hiring to PEOs or Employer of Records and implementing AI in hiring are proving successful and are likely to continue to the year 2022 and beyond. If you are to land the best talents for your organization next year, you need to understand the trends that are shaping the recruitment industry and start preparing in advance. For this reason, here are 5 trends that you can start thinking about.  

1. The rise of AI and automation

The use of AI and automation in recruitment has been on the rise, with most organizations reporting better hiring processes that give candidates unmatched experiences. Organizations are taking advantage of tech in recruitment to source, screen, schedule, and engage candidates and much more. With machine learning, employers can analyze countless social profiles on social media platforms and job boards in seconds. This helps identify passive and active candidates that are relevant and ideal for job positions, enabling employers to personalize candidate outreach. AI is also proving helpful in screening CVs, ranking candidates, and shortlisting the most qualified candidates based on the experience, skills, and qualities that the employer is looking for. In addition, chatbots are being used to answer potential candidates’ queries, keeping them engaged throughout the recruitment process.

2. More focus on the employer brand

Modern employees are very mindful of who they work for. They want to work where they are appreciated and respected, thus going for employers with positive company culture. They are also inclining more on brands that offer flexible working hours and work-from-home options. These preferences have forced organizations to rethink their employer branding in order to attract the best talents. Coming into 2022, you need to start considering the needs of the employees that you want to attract to your organization. Ensure that you incorporate them in your company culture to get started on building an employer brand that candidates will love being associated with.

3. Increased project-based hiring

Employers have been hiring freelancers for one-time projects for some time now. However, the trend has significantly gone up since last year as a result of the pandemic. With harsh economic times and financial constraints, most organizations were forced to cut down their expenditure. Letting go of some employees and turning to hire freelancers has been one way to cope for many organizations. The benefits of project-based hiring are many including the opportunity to hire talents from a global talent pool. Organizations are also able to take short-term projects to boost their earnings. Such benefits are the reason why project-based hiring is something you should consider. You can start looking at freelancer platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to leverage this trend.

4. Focus on diversity in hiring

Employers are no longer interested in diversity and inclusivity to just fulfill a legal requirement. It has been proven that diverse teams are more productive and innovative. For this reason, most employers are implementing strategies to help them hire employees from diverse groups including the underrepresented. Recruiters are using AI to create job posts that eliminate words that can keep certain groups of people from applying and blind resumes to eliminate unconscious bias. It is in your best interest to have a diverse team in your organization. Start taking notes of what others are doing and start positioning yourself for a diverse and inclusive team in 2022.

5. Popularization of PEO services

PEOs are on the rise as many employers turn to employers turn to HR outsourcing the recruitment process the recruitment process for the benefits it brings. For starters, using PEO services lifts the burden of the recruitment process from the employer, allowing more time to focus on other things. PEOs have built extensive networks that enable them to source candidates widely and easily. In addition, PEOs ensure compliance with labor laws, especially where organizations venture into new countries. If you are planning to expand especially, using global PEO for your recruitment in 2022 will help you reap these benefits and more.


2022 will probably be the year that many organizations will make a comeback after the turbulence of the pandemic. Recruiters have to rethink their hiring policies and strategies to ensure that they attract the best candidate in the competitive talent pool. The above 5 trends are a good place to start. Take note of what is working and start planning for next year.


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