Reigniting interest in Indian classical music and song

Reigniting interest in Indian classical music and song

Indian classical music is the glory and soul of ancient Indian culture. It is diverse and vibrant with each state having unique folk songs and music composed by locals. That depicts the vibrancy of the cultural spirit of India. The melodious and meaningful songs possess the power to attract and entertain the audience immensely. 

What makes our classic music and song unique? Classical music is defined as an organization of sound towards beauty. Classical music brings beautiful emotion to the listener and creator. The Indian classical songs contain notes of musical instruments that ascend and descend in a precise manner. The thoughtful compilation of varied notes and phrases touches the soul and raises emotion in the audience. Moreover, soothing traditional music can heal and calm down a stressed mind. The therapeutic powers deliver numerous health benefits on listening to classical songs. 

But, the appeal of soulful and emotive music is slowly diminishing especially among the younger generation in the country. Millennials love to listen to fast-paced rock and jazz music. Many classical singers like Nisschal Zaveri are trying to revive traditional music and song’s appeal to the audience. The music composer based in Mumbai composed songs and music with deep meaning to mesmerize the audience at the event. Traditional music calms down the mind and fascinates listeners more in the mehfil. That could be possible when the artist is capable of captivating the mind and attention of people at the event. 

Efforts to develop an interest in traditional music 

The interest in classical music and song is diminishing nowadays. But, there are efforts to make traditional music interesting and mesmerizing to the audience. The ghazal has got so much popularity and acceptance among the audience. The classical music and songs use meaningful phrases to connect with audiences well. Ghazal is a beautiful poetic version of many feelings described by lyrics. The traditional song forces the audience to feel the agony but still cherish love as a beautiful thing in life. 

Nisschal Zaveri is an emerging musician in India. The Indian classical ghazal singer prefers performing for audiences at different events. There will be importance to each sher and express feeling with a divine touch in the event. Audiences love and connect with this thahraav in the performance. The in-depth ghazal evokes emotion and expression of feeling through beautiful songs. 

Moreover, Nisschal Zaveri also sings pure Urdu ghazal and thumri. The famous North Indian vocal form is based on the romantic-devotional literature. The trained artist uses the free movement of tonal sequence and composition. He mixes various vocal forms to set the mood of audiences at the event. The thumris and ghazal singer is keen on developing an interest in traditional music and song like earlier in India. 

An emerging Indian classical singer in India 

Nisschal Zaveri is an emerging music composer, ghazal and thumri singer in India. The musical journey started at the age of 6 with Hindustani classical vocal taleem and Indian rhythm instrument tabla under famous gurus. With years of practice, he understands raag and raginis in great detail. As a result, he has worked as a vocalist and performed many shows in public and private events. The young singer know to mesmerize audience with sher and thumris style of singing.

About the author: The author is a content writer at Nisschal Zaveri, an emerging classical singer, music composer, and songwriter based in Mumbai, India. 

Reigniting interest in Indian classical music and song



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