RO Water Purifier Filter Replacement: When and Why

Water Purifier Filter

Like any other functional machine, water purifiers need frequent service and parts replacement, allowing the appliance to work to its full potential. However, every part of the water purifier has a certain lifespan and needs replacement and maintenance at different periods. For example, the filters must be replaced annually; if not, you can notice the difference in the taste and smell of water. Thus in the following segment, let’s understand the need for RO water purifier filter replacement. 


When Should You Service the Water Purifier Filter? 

The RO filter has two additional filters: the sediment filter to remove the dust, debris, sand, etc., and the carbon filter to eliminate the chlorine filter. Thus, unsatisfactory working of any of these filters may lead to unusual water taste or smell; hence, these are standard signs that your RO filter needs replacement or service. 


If you didn’t face any of those situations for one year, then it’s magnificent. In that case, call the professionals for an overall filter inspection because the water filter standard serving period of one year heavily depends upon water quality and utilization. 


Why is Water Purifier Filter Service Compulsory? 

The debris accumulated in the water filter diminishes the water filter’s working potential, which makes the water unhealthy to consume. Thus, service calling Kent RO service Gurgaon for professional assistance in filter service is a big plus. 


The benefits of water purifier service are the following:

  1. No Waterborne Diseases 

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) mechanism in water purifiers isn’t designed to filter the bacteria and other microbes. Plus, it is common to see bacterial accumulation in the filters due to continuous water filtration. So, replacing the water filters once in 12 months has become mandatory. However, the period can be shorter or longer depending upon the quality of water supply at your home and water purifier usage. 


  1. Helps Boosting Immunity 

The water purifier filters purify the water by removing the harmful substances and even the minerals in excess quantity like Fluorine. So, the water purifier filter maintains the PH of the water by balancing the micro minerals; hence, the appropriate quality and amount of micro minerals help boost immunity and maintain overall health.  


  1. Minimizing the Water Wastage 

The waste accumulation in and out of the filters creates stress on the filters resulting in the loss of water filter working capacity. This rocket ups the water wastage, and the inefficient filter demands more power, increasing the electricity bill. Also, the poorly maintained RO water filter passes out the unfiltered water, which is again risky. 


Filter Replacement: DIY or Call a Professional? 

A homeowner may be inexperienced in replacing the RO water purifier filter and may have lesser knowledge of the process and the tool requirements. Hence it will lead to more trips to the nearest store and may consume more time. In addition, there are higher chances of things going wrong and consequently damaging the machine, costing even more. 


Instead of calling Kent service center Gurgaon will be the right call as the professional will assess the situation better and further evaluate the potential damages. Since the professional will be an expert, he will work with all the precautions like not damaging the plumbing replacement or making other adjustments. In addition, once the service is over, he will also help you examine the water filter’s functional accuracy by evaluating the water’s taste and colour. 



Maintaining the RO water filters is crucial because poorly serviced water filters will pass out contaminated water and may risk life, and that’s why always call for a professional to ensure the completion of a secured job. 

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