SEO Tips for more traffic in 2022


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is understood as strategies for positioning websites in the results of search engines such as Google. These are techniques applied to the content of a website focused on organic growth, without paying for advertising.

SEO positioning is essential for any blog if it is to be successful. However, SEO is not static and its application is becoming more and more complex as time goes by, it changes constantly just as search algorithms do. That’s why we leave some tips that you should keep in mind this 2022 for your SEO.

Whether you run it yourself or an agency, it’s important to consider these SEO tips in your marketing strategy. This is Nestor, as an SEO in Mexico let me share to you some advices.

User experience (UX)

User experience, defined by criteria that include ease of use, accessibility, and convenience, is one of the most important points for SEO positioning today. A recent update of the official Google Core Web Vitals ranking shows that it’s all about user experience. 

So you must take into account in your website the following three vital web cores that reflect the user experience when loading a page. If any of these are skewed, the user will most likely get a negative impression.

– Largest Contentful Pain (LCP). This refers to the time it takes for users to load the largest or main element on a page. Minimizing images and removing any unnecessary code will help speed up this process.

– First Input Delay (FID). This measures the interactivity and responsiveness of the website. The site should be able to respond very quickly to action.

– Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This measures the change in page content when it loads. Aligning each element on your page can help ensure that your content does not shrink when other resources load. You should take care of everything related to stability.

Voice search

We are not limited to using text to search the internet, especially since the advent of virtual assistants and mobile devices. Currently, voice searches are gaining popularity, they are very easy to do, fast, and accurate.

Since it is much easier to speak than to type, voice searches allow us to be a bit more natural. In general, these types of searches focus on answering concrete and natural questions.

In this sense, SEO strategies should be oriented to solve users’ questions and doubts, not to position some keywords as in ordinary searches.

Google EAT

The quality and relevance of your site’s content are most important. Google has been giving importance to this instead of the quantity of content under the EAT principle, which means:

– Expertise. Giving value to the fact that the content is written by experts in the subject matter. In addition, Google analyzes the online reputation of the authors, as it would be a very important aspect in the quality of the content.

– Authoritativeness. Google takes into account the authority of both the content and the website. This includes link profile, reputation, years on the web, etc.

– Trustworthiness. For Google, the trust that the website transmits is another key factor for positioning. So it is necessary to have a secure website, with high quality and truthful content.

Algorithms with Artificial Intelligence

Google uses a self-learning algorithm, RankBrain. This artificial intelligence algorithm aims to improve the way the search engine processes and displays users’ search results.

RankBrain acts when people use colloquial or ambiguous terms in their searches. It’s not clear to us how it works, but it’s something to keep an eye on for SEO this year.

Good use of links

Lately, Google is more severe in penalties against the exchange and purchase of links. This causes that using this type of strategy decreases the number of visits to your page.

So, the best advice regarding this is to focus on creating quality content that is naturally shared because it is good and the links are authentic. This way you won’t be seen as spam.

Content length

Relatively recently, the ideal articles for positioning contained around 500 words. But now, the best for our objective would be to extend our articles to, let’s say, about 2000 words.

In terms of length, content with this amount of words is more highly valued and generates the most traffic. 

But let’s not forget that it is not about having long and meaningless content, but taking advantage of that length to offer a higher quality in the articles. 

Take into account the videos

The popularity of the video format on social networks has made them increasingly important for SEO. This is not new but the trend continues, so it is highly recommended to include videos in your site’s publications.

If the videos you include are relevant and of good quality, you will retain your audience for a longer time.

Ultimately, it is user tastes that determine which SEO strategies to use, so the above is a result of what people expect from their searches this 2022.

In summary, a good user experience, good answers for voice search, good text length, and the use of video will give you a great advantage in your positioning this year.

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