Smoking Protocols

Smoking circles, as many smokers know, are all about spreading good feelings and creating memories. Maintaining a pleasant presence in the smoking circle will aid in the formation of long-lasting friendships. While smoking circles aren’t designed to be governed by regulations, there are a few fundamental etiquette guidelines that are essential for making a good impression. Our objective at our online headshop is to foster those favorable situations. From your pals at Eaglebongs, here’s some fundamental smoking etiquette.

  1. Puff, Puff, Pass

It’s a cliché, but it’s also the most important smoking guideline. It’s preferable to take two modest hits rather than numerous large ones and then passing the joint along. Then, to the left, pass it.

If you’re using a glass dish, though, limit yourself to one hit. This will use up more weed than a joint hit would. Larger bowls for group situations are available from several internet headshops.

  1. Turning the corner

You’ve probably seen it done, but you may not be familiar with the name.

You should always corner the bowl if you’re smoking a glass pipe among a group of people. To put it another way, just fire the portion of the dry herb you’ll be smoking. This may be accomplished by tilting the bowl or lighting the rim.

Cornering guarantees that everyone in the circle has an equal chance of hitting.

  1. Bring a Bong with you

Okay, we understand. Carrying three separate percolators about with your precious item might not be realistic. There are, however, a number of techniques to accomplish the same smooth bong rips without a large chunk.

The first is to look for bongs under $100. These low-cost items are more durable than you may imagine and better suited to usage away from home. Silicone bongs do not include any glass (apart from the bowl) and will not break if dropped.

Bubblers offer the same smooth, water-filtered hits as bongs, but without the risk of carrying a bong. The water chamber design used in bongs is used in these glass pipes, which are roughly the size of a regular bowl. As a result, each hit will be filtered via water as well. This entails portability as well as enjoyment.

Whatever you do, your old and new pals will be ecstatic to be able to enjoy some smooth smoking. Many of the items in our online headshop are suitable for travel.

  1. Fill the Bowl or Joint with Dry Herbs

Nobody appreciates the smoker who participates but doesn’t put in his or her fair share of effort. If you intend to join the smoking circle, make a contribution. For the glass bowl, bong, or joint, bring some dried herb.

If you don’t have any dried herbs, make sure you have something else to offer. It’s wonderful to contribute money, even if your smoking partners don’t accept it. Everyone appreciates the buddy who provides the party size bag of chips and dip, if nothing else.

  1. Practice your cigarette-smoking technique

Smoking etiquette can be improved by being a hardcore smoker. Not everyone in your summer smoking group is a seasoned smoker. There may be some folks who have never smoked a joint or a bowl before. As a result, you should be a source of information for them.

Instruct inexperienced smokers on how to use the specific piece. For beginners, learning how to smoke a bong, for example, may be challenging. Polite instruction may go a long way toward assisting novice smokers in learning the ropes. Do you want to know more about smoking? Our online headshop blog contains a wealth of information.

  1. Don’t Forget to Bring Your Grinder

You can get away with cutting up your dried herbs with a scissor in a pinch. But why should you have to stoop to such measures if you don’t have to?

Grinders are more effective in breaking up dried herbs. These contraptions, which are made of wood, metal, or plastic, are simple to use and effective. The herbs will be finer ground if you use a grinder. Quality grinders are simple to come by, and we have a large selection at our online headshop.

  1. Make an offer to clean the item

When you smoke a glass pipe, a lot of ash and particles can accumulate, especially if you consume numerous bowls. By volunteering to assist clean the pipe, the pipe owner will be relieved of the majority of the duty.

If you’re using a glass water pipe, there are a few things you can do to keep the debris to a minimum. Ash catchers gather ash and other particles that might otherwise fall into the water chamber from the bowl. They avoid the need for regular cleanings by doing so. Additional filtering is provided via ash catchers. When you order a new piece from an online headshop, don’t forget to order some glass cleaning supplies as well.

Nonsmokers should be treated with respect.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not everyone in your smoking circle is a smoker. Peer pressure has no place in the smoking community.

This approach also applies to persons who have smoked in the past but no longer wish to. Finally, don’t make someone who has already taken a hit take another one.

  1. Keep the ball rolling

Don’t be afraid to take a hit from the dry herbs if they come your way. Pause your story for a second if you’re in the middle of it; your audience will appreciate it. Take your hits, pass it on, and get back to work.

This isn’t to mean you should rush your hits; instead, you should savor them. However, keep in mind that other people may be intending to smoke the same piece or joint.

  1. Don’t Leave With Someone Else’s Lighter; Bring Your Own.

In groups of people who smoke frequently, lighters are a valuable commodity. They’re inexpensive, yet they’re frequently borrowed. They’re also simple to misplace.

If you know you’ll be smoking later, bring your own lighter with you. If you need to borrow a lighter, make sure you return it as soon as possible. Don’t be the person who always takes someone else’s lighter.

  1. Be Aware of Your Environment

This rule has a couple distinct facets to it.

To begin, never smoke inside a building unless you have permission. If you’ve been welcomed into someone’s house, you owe it to them to ask explicitly where you may smoke. If they say outside, then be careful to adhere by those rules.

Second, waft your smoke away from others at all times. Nobody enjoys it when individuals blow smoke in their face, even fellow smokers.

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You may be a shining presence in a smoking circle by delivering a few fundamental courtesies. Our online headshop is proud to be a part of a welcoming and encouraging community that thrives on positivity. Eaglebongs family, have fun smoking!

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