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The several instances of data breaches globally underline the risk that organizations face in the evolving world of the internet. The extent of damage can be estimated from the fact that Postbank had to replace 12 million credit cards after a data breach. More than 3.2 million records were leaked in the top 10 data breaches in the first half of 2020. It becomes crucial for businesses to wake up to this risk and install stringent policies and procedures to keep sensitive data in their possession safe and secure. Any data breach could lead to a potential loss of trust, lawsuits, and even stiff penalties from the government authorities.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate will help you to protect your website from cybercriminals. It uses the HTTPS protocol to encrypt the communication between the web browser of the visitor and your server. As a result, the communication can only be read by the desired receiver using a specific key. The communication becomes irrelevant for any unauthorized third-party even if they gain access. Businesses must buy SSL certificates and keep the website secure.

The SSL certificate improves trustworthiness, and visitors will see the padlock associates with all HTTPS websites. It also improves your search engine rankings and ensures that your visitors continue to stay on your website. However, there are too many vendors to choose from, but SSL2BUY provides you with a whole assortment of certificates, and you may choose one based on your requirements.

About the company

SSL2BUY is a globally authorized reseller of renowned SSL certificates. They provide you with an assortment of security solutions for your website as well as mobile apps. You only need to select one according to your requirements. They have partnered with the renowned certificate authorities (CA) like Comodo, Thawte, RapidSSL, GlobalSign, DigiCert etc. one of its unique propositions is the 30-day money-back guarantee for all products. They are known for all-around customer satisfaction and provide 24X7 support services.

Types of SSL certificates available

SSL2BUY provides six different types of certificates from which you can choose. Once you install one of them, you must transfer the site to the HTTPS protocol. Let us learn more about these certificates.

Domain Validated (DV SSL):

The certificate is issued once the certificate authority confirms the control over a domain. No other validation is done, and the certificate is released quickly. It is ideal for smaller businesses and blogs.

Organization Validated (OV SSL):

To avail of this certificate, the identity and operational status of the organization is verified. The name of the organization is provided on the certificate that gives the added trustworthiness to the business.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL):

It is among the most expensive certificates and follows a stringent business verification approval process. They are used by e-commerce, and finance sectors that need more substantial assurance of identity and trust.

Wildcard SSL:

This certificate is ideal for organizations that deal with unlimited subdomains. It is a cheaper option than buying several certificates for different sub-domains. You can get a cheap SSL Wildcard here that would fit in your budget.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL:

Businesses can secure multiple and multi-level wildcard domains and their sub-domains. You can add up to 100 SAN domains in the certificate.

Multi-domain SSL:

Multi-domain SSL can cover/secure up to 250 domains under a single certificate. You may easily change the SANs that you need to secure.

Code signing certificate:

It allows software publishers and developers to add their digital signature to their software, drivers, scripts and executable files, confirming that they are from reliable publishers.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC SSL):

It will help to secure Live communications and Microsoft Exchange services. Webmasters can also secure multiple domain names together.

Benefits of using SSL2BUY

Several options:

SSL2BUY has alliances with the top brands in cybersecurity and provides its SSL solutions to clients. You can choose from an extensive menu of products with varying features, services, and prices. Clients can search for products and select one based on their requirements. The range of products from the top brands shows the level of customer satisfaction of the entity and the respect it has garnered among the giants in cybersecurity.


If you feel that installing the certificates are manageable, you are mistaken. You need to follow several processes from requesting a certificate to downloading the certificate and installing it on the servers. We ensure that the clients find it easy to install the certificates. SSL2BUY has several articles that help you to understand the processes involved in installing the certificates. Troubleshooting is accessible on the website, and customers can find solutions to their issues in installation, renewal, configuration, up-gradation, etc. with relative ease.


While businesses must have an SSL certificate, they do come at a high price. The more authentic you need your website to be, the SSL certificate’s price also shoots up. This website provides good quality certificates at special rates to its clients, for example, you can get a cheap Wildcard SSL that starts from just $34 per year. SSL2BUY offers several discounts and other offers throughout the year through special arrangements with the global cybersecurity brands. If you wish to benefit from flash sales, it is the platform where you must be.

Certificate standards

Businesses choose an authentic SSL certificate. As the alliances are with the globally renowned CAs, the clients are assured about the authenticity of the certificates. The CAs use specialized processes to assess the authenticity of the owner and the website. As a result, these certificates improve trustworthiness in the minds of website visitors.

Client support

Client support is an essential aspect of a business. Moreover, installing an SSL certificate is not a child’s play. There are a set of activities that must be undertaken to install the certificate. Clients may need help at any time during the entire process. SSL2BUY has a dedicated 24X7 customer support team to help clients throughout their association with them.


SSL2BUY provides multiple options with a 2048-bit encryption mechanism from the best brands. They also have a 100% cashback policy, in case the client is unhappy with the product. They also have a reseller program that can integrate with any business.

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