Start Small: What Can Each of Us Do to Create an Eco-Friendly World

Being environmentally friendly means we create a lifestyle that improves our health and that of the surrounding. When you plant enough trees around you, you tend to breathe in purified air, but when deforestation happens a lot, you tend to have problems with purified oxygen in that environment.

The movement for an eco-friendly planet has started way back, but it takes time before the end result becomes visible even Rome wasn’t built in a day. What the planet needs from us is our little help in making an eco-friendly planet possible, so how do we become advocates of a greener ecosystem?

How To Build An Eco-friendly Planet

1. Recycling

The first step to a greener planet is recycling biodegradable material to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Materials such as plastics, cans, bottles can be recycled to improve production since studies have shown that manufacturing using recycled aluminum is 92 percent more efficient than using raw materials.

This shows that about 40 percent of the world’s aluminum comes from recycling. Recycling is helpful in many ways; one popular way in which it is helpful is fetching the recycler money. You can advocate to pick up cans for recycling and sell them to the company that needs them for their aluminum business.

2. Say ‘No’ To Plastic Bags

There is a strong movement in some parts of the world regarding plastic bags. Apart from taking years to decompose, most aquatic animals die due to ingesting plastic bags.

Land animals also get entangled with it and suffocate, even infants. The casualty of using plastic bags is very serious. So, when shopping next, opt for a paper bag instead of a plastic bag. Also, take your time to educate the sales attendants, and business owners about the risk plastic bags pose. Hopefully, they will be considerate and start using paper bags as well.

3. Upcycling

Instead of throwing those old items, why not search online for craft ideas so you can create something beautiful and useful with them. That condemned bicycle can be repurposed into a center table or used for beautification in the living room. The condemned car can be used as a mobile home with some minor cleaning and renovation.

As an environmentalist, you can enlighten people around you on how to upcycle all their abandoned items and turn them into something beautiful like an aquarium, a mini swimming pool, chairs, and whatever they desire.

4. Commute With Motorized Bikes

The high level of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere is present due to emissions from vehicles that pass through the road. Most times, the exhaustion we feel when we get to work is a result of the toxic gases we inhale en route to work. To curb this, sensitize employees about the importance of using motorized bikes to work. It’s not difficult to reduce your carbon footprint when traveling when you know which modes of transport are eco-friendly and which ones are gas-guzzlers.

Motorized bikes undoubtedly use a motor or engine, but it is a zero-emission bike that produces no combustion by-products. This will help to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles drastically. For many employees with a traditional bike, a greener planet does not encourage abandoning things but rather redesigning them to make them more efficient.

By transforming your traditional bike into a motorized bike, you tend to ease the stress of pedaling. You will need the help of a motorized bike kit to add the engine of your choice and other necessary items to revamp the bike easily.

5. Volunteer

The least you could do for greener earth is a volunteer in any environmental group you know, whether you pick litter like plastic bags, bottles, cans, and other materials that contribute to the hazard in the environment or go on outings to sensitize people about an eco-friendly planet and how they can play a major role in promoting a healthier place for us all.


The planet won’t clean itself up; it is the little effort we put in place that helps the planet become a better place. The popular saying is if you want change to occur, then that change must begin with you; this means for you to advocate for an eco-friendly planet, you need to start living a life that promotes an eco-friendly planet.

Conclusively, the food we eat indirectly contributes to an eco-friendly planet. Make sure you eat organic food and try as much as possible to avoid genetically modified foods (GMFs) which can be disastrous to your health.

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