Steps to Choose a Leather Tote Bag that Matches Your Style and Wardrobe

Steps to Choose a Leather Tote Bag that Matches Your Style and Wardrobe

The regular leather tote bag is a never-ending fashion accessory adorned by women for various generations. This bag is beautiful and useful, and when it is handmade with top-notch artistic quality full-grain leather, it will stay for a lifetime! 

In this post, we will explain the most significant features of leather totes. Thus, you can choose the best fit according to your requirements. 

  1. Comfort and Functionality 

A leather tote bag has become a fashion option now, but that does not signify you must forget about comfort and functionality. So, before discussing how a tote bag would match your jacket, think initially about what you will keep inside it. 

In the first place, when you are looking to purchase a leather tote, discuss its size. There is no correct or incorrect size, as some individuals will require a tote bag that is larger or smaller. But remember that diverse sizes have tradeoffs and upsides. 

Smaller bags appear adorable and are simpler to carry, but they cannot hold many things. The opposite is evidently perfect as well – bigger bags will keep many of your items, but they may be a discomfort to carry. By keeping that in mind, you must choose what matters most. Thus you can select the bag that fulfills your requirements.  

You should also consider what you will carry into a leather bag, as this will determine what material you should purchase. A few of the accessories you may wish to keep in the bag may create untimely wear-and-tear that you will obviously wish to ignore.  

  1. Select a Bag that is Built to Last 

In spite of how graceful and prudent you are with your items, you should select a leather tote that is made with durable and hardy substances. The better the materials utilized in the bag, the more it will stay next to the elements and situations where the bag may keep up damage. The final thing you need is to spend a decent sum of money on a beautiful bag that comes apart very soon. So, be attentive to the materials employed. 

With that stated, there are lots of options to select from when we talk about your option of tote bags, but leather is the best among all. Leather is trendy and elegant, not to indicate durability and strength.  

A leather tote can improve only about anything in your cupboard, and like an accessory, it definitely brings attention on its own. Also, leather would stay longer when fully maintained compared to different materials.  

  1. Think About Tote Bag’s Hardware 

A somewhat neglected feature of leather tote bags is the hardware they are offered with. Hardware suggests attributes, for example, buckles, straps, zippers, rings and different add-ons that can add workability to the bag. These constituents may let you sustain weight or make your bag more comfortable to wear.

Different leather bags come with an exclusive set of hardware, which would make the bag simpler to carry and, not to state, more able to deal with heavier belongings. If you see yourself keeping enough things in your bag, purchase a bag with these extra hardware contents.

Also, consider how the hardware would impact the look of your tote bag. A well-positioned button, buckle, or canny zipper is as much a design attribute as a useful one. If you are into fancy styles and designs, choose a leather bag that has these elegant buttons or zippers. But if you choose a more minimalist appearance, you must be clear of bags with extremely fancy hardware.

  1. Consider Colour Options 

From the design perspective, the colour of your bag can create or destroy its look. There are no correct or incorrect colours per se, only incorrect colour matches. In other words, go with a leather tote that does not truly match most of your wardrobe.  


A leather tote bag will not only appear good dangling on your arm, but it may also prove to be an update to your wardrobe. They are fashionable and appealing, and if you purchase one made with real leather, you can assume it to hold with you for an extended time. If you are searching to buy a leather tote, check out the selection of leather totes by NovoShoes AU. They will help you take your fashion game to a different level. 

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