Technology in the education post-pandemic

The scientific knowledge about education that is used in real learning situations is called education technology. During the Corona period, the education system of the whole world was in a state of extreme despair. Teachers, Scholarships for students, parents, no one knows how the educational activities will go. Experts believe that the use of technology and the internet in primary to higher education needs to be more careful. But it is time to take a look at how that is possible in the post-pandemic situation. If the Corona situation does not return to normal soon and the new conditions that have arisen in the field of education need to rethink online education activities and fast internet facilities for all like at&t internet.

Contribution of the technology to education

Nowadays you don’t have to rely on institutions to learn any subject. Anything can be easily learned at home using the internet. Let’s check how technology is contributing to the education sector. 

1. Multimedia classroom

Being a multimedia classroom where classes are taken through video projectors. At present most higher education institutions have multimedia systems in their classrooms. This allows more information to be presented in less time. Moreover, when teaching in this way, the students pay more attention and the students can understand easily.

2. Preparing the test results

At present the use of modern technology for producing all kinds of test results is remarkable. The use of advanced technology is also noticeable in the verification of test question papers. OMR machines are used to verify the answers to multiple-choice questions. The use of technology in creating test results has saved time and labor.

3. Publishing the test results

Science has a huge contribution to make in everything from exam question papers to question paper verification, preparing the results, and publication of results. Test results can be easily reached through the high-speed internet. For example, Centurylink internet. Now the results of any competitive test can be known in a matter of moments sitting at home. Moreover, the internet is also used to apply for participation in various exams.

4. Teaching through presentation and the internet 

Now, it is easy to teach in the classroom using the different types of class presentations. Through this presentation, any topic can be easily presented to the students. Creating aesthetic class presentations is very easy with Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Google Docs.

5. Getting essential information

There was a time when students relied only on textbooks. Now you don’t have to rely on textbooks for reading. It is very easy to get any information anytime through the internet. The benefits of accessing information on the Internet are unlimited. The teachers are inspiring the students to involve themselves with Google or YouTube for better information.

6. Globalization of education

As a result of the development of information technology, the scope of education is expanding. Now anyone can take education from any reputed university using the internet. Even the exams are being done through the internet.

Advantages of technology in education

The science-based knowledge that is used to enhance the excellence of teaching and learning related to education is bringing huge opportunities to the students. Therefore, education technology is needed to develop the learning process. Currently, the advantages of technology in the field of education after the post-pandemic are indescribable. 

  1. Technology in setting goals and objectives of education: Technology plays a special role in setting goals and objectives of education according to the needs of individuals and society. For example, computers are being used in all fields at present. Therefore, acquiring knowledge about computers is considered to be one of the objectives of education from the elementary level.
  2. Elimination of monotony: Monotony comes to the mind of the student in reading through the theoretical teachings of general religion. But the use of technology in education frees the student from this monotony, so the learning is spontaneous, giving pleasure to the student.
  3. Self-satisfaction: Education that does not have proper satisfaction does not have proper results. Self-satisfaction is the key to self-development. Technology brings self-satisfaction, it manifests innovation in the human body-mind, thoughts, and tastes.
  4. Development of latent talent: Technology in education has played a special role in developing latent talent.
  5. Technology in the field of education administration: The use of education technology in the administration of specific educational institutions, application for admission, preparation of admission list, etc. is super effective
  6. Evaluation process: Today education technology plays a very important role in the evaluation process. Such as MCQ or multiple choice-based answer sheet viewing, creating mark sheets, publishing results through specific websites, etc.

To sum up…

So in addition to the aspects mentioned, technology helps the teacher in education. It helps to know about new topics and research as needed. Apart from this, there are some problems implementing technology in education all over the world and the problems of technology are lack of finances, inconsistent supply and demand, failure to modernize, and lack of skilled teachers. 

Although the Corona situation has improved, the facilities that have opened up for online education are likely to continue in the future. So, it is time for our education policymakers to think about this. 

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