The 12 Ultimate Must-Have Carry-On Essentials for Travel

With budget airlines constantly limiting carry-on weight and changing size limits, do you ever wonder what important items should be included in your carry-on travel bag and what should be left out?

Budget travelers and backpackers alike must make important decisions about what takes precedence in the valuable real estate of our tiny carry-on bag space – unless you’re paying extra for checked luggage, of course. But don’t worry, this guide will walk you through the essentials for a comfortable plane ride. VoucherCodesUAE offers the best discounts like Discount Code and Farfetch Discount Code for your online shopping.

12 Must-have carry-on essentials for travel

   1. Packing cubes

You can roll up our clothing and organize it in these lightweight packing cubes whether you’re carrying backpacks or suitcases to stay organized on your trip! You’ll definitely appreciate how flexible and light they are!

   2. Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are not only the more environmentally friendly option, but they also have a significant advantage over cheap, clear plastic water bottles: they actually keep your water COLD, even in scorching temperatures! You can bring it on every trip, and fill it up before long flights to keep the drying plane air at bay.

   3. Travel towel

There is no guarantee that towels will be available at the hostel or that towels at your hotel will fit around your waist. To be safe, you can always bring a travel-friendly, lightweight, quick-drying travel towel with you!

   4. Your favorite travel jeans

On every trip, make sure you bring a pair of stretchy, cozy, pocket Aviator jeans! Google and learn more about why you’ll love them, as well as other favorite pairs of travel pants for women and men.

   5. Woolen undergarments

Wool is one of everyone’s absolute favorite travel fabrics. Merino wool is a wonder fabric. It keeps you cool in hot weather and warms you in cold weather. When it rains, you’ll be comfortable while your clothes dry. It naturally inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria, so it never stinks – which means less mid-trip laundry! Performance wool, unlike itchy wool in the past, is thin, stretchy, and super soft to the touch, similar to cotton.

   6. Swim leggings

These swim leggings provide full-coverage sun protection while allowing you to move freely underwater. Quick-drying swim leggings are made to withstand saltwater and chlorine while also drying quickly after you get out of the water (they are also incredibly comfortable to walk in, and prevent the dreaded post-swim chub rub). You can fetch your leggings from a company that is environmentally conscious and supports conservation and anti-racism initiatives, and their leggings are chlorine, sun, saltwater, and sunscreen resistant, as well as made from recycled materials. 

   7. Money belt & a bra pocket

Carrying your wallet in your pocket is an open invitation to pickpockets. Instead, keep your credit cards and cash in more difficult-to-reach places, such as beneath your clothing! On every international trip, carry a money belt. Even at home, yes. It’s simply fantastic!

   8. Lightweight locks

We got into the habit of bringing locks with us on every trip as backpackers who frequently stay in hostels. Another advantage of having a few locks on hand is that you can lock your luggage, which deters would-be thieves and pickpockets looking for an easy target.

   9. Sunscreens

Sun protection is important for everyone, but because we’re both pale as hell, it’s especially important for us. You can always bring two types. Mineral sunscreen, which is better for the environment and protects your skin with a physical zinc oxide barrier rather than chemicals that soak into your skin and can end up in your bloodstream; and Reef-Safe sunscreen, which is designed to biodegrade and not harm ocean life, if you’ll be in the ocean.

   10. A toiletry case

Get a handy dandy hanging toiletry case that houses all of your toiletries. It easily fits into all of your bags and hangs on any available bathroom hook. It’s so convenient that you’ll never bother unpacking it; just hang it up in your bathroom at home between trips!

   11. An action camera

If you like to do crazy things while traveling, such as waterfall rappelling, white-water rafting, snowboarding, or snorkeling, and want to document your adventures for your loved ones back home, an action camera is a must! 

   12. A portable laptop stand

Get a portable lightweight stand, the foldable stand makes a HUGE difference in your on-the-go work setup. It elevates your screen so you’re not straining your neck or hunching your shoulders, and when combined with the keyboard and mouse, it allows you to sit comfortably and in the position your body is naturally designed to be in rather than reaching up or hunching down over your screen. It’s completely adjustable, so you can get it to the perfect height for you.

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