The Benefits of Working a Bike Job: What You Can Gain From Taking a Job in the Cycling Industry

The Benefits of Working a Bike Job

No matter where you live, you’ve likely seen an increase in cyclists on the road. While plenty of them are biking for their health or as a hobby, many others are doing it as a job: Bike dashing is a legit way to make money without too much overhead.

Delivering goods to customers via bike is picking up steam. This article by Selfgood discusses how some of the big names in the delivery industry, like Instacart and Uber Eats, are making waves in metro areas with their bike delivery services.

To some, riding a bike for miles each day doesn’t sound tempting. But taking a job in the cycling industry as a delivery person comes with multiple benefits. In addition to bringing in some side cash or working full-time, check out these advantages you can gain by cycling your way to a paycheck.

1. Low Operating Costs

The idea of picking up a delivery gig is a common one. But many people are concerned about the idea of putting too much wear and tear on their car and the expenses that go along with driving so many miles.

On top of fuel, upkeep, and maintenance, delivery driving means adding more insurance coverage. Some auto carriers refuse to cover vehicles if they’re used for ridesharing or delivery services. Those that do insure you for these types of work often charge hefty premiums.

Cycling jobs eliminate most of the overhead, letting you pocket more out of your earnings. You won’t need insurance coverage, and maintenance on a bike is minimal. Even better, parking is free in most bike-friendly areas, while cars must find convenient spaces and pay meters or parking fees. 

Because you’re not worried about parking and traffic, you can choose to take faster routes and shortcuts. Sure, you can’t bike as fast as a car can drive, but you may still make it to your destination quicker by skipping traffic jams, red lights, and endless parking spot searches.

Worried about loading your bike down with dozens of grocery bags or large pizza boxes? Don’t be. DoorDash and other delivery services encourage bikers by offering bike-friendly delivery options on the apps. If you’re on your bike, you’ll only get orders that you can safely carry.

2. You Better Your Health

Have you been trying to improve your fitness routine, but your schedule keeps getting in the way? Cycling as a job combines exercise with earning an income, so there are no more obstacles to getting into shape.

In fact, biking is an incredible way to protect yourself from the dangers of heart and lung disease. When you cycle, you’re strengthening your heart muscles and lowering blood fat levels. At the same time, you’re less exposed to pollution than you would be as a driver. The increased circulation and reduced toxins help your lung and heart function.

Aerobic exercise, like cycling, improves your fitness on other levels. By cycling regularly, you’ll have better muscle strength, joint mobility, and flexibility. Exercising decreases stress and increases mood. And, of course, it helps control your weight. 

Unlike many other forms of exercise, cycling is low-impact. If you have any injuries keeping you from running or hitting the treadmill, biking is less likely to cause you extra strain. Riding a bike uses all your major muscle groups without overexerting them, but if you do want to make your ride more intense, you can build intensity as you go.

3. You’re Helping the Environment

Cycling uses your energy, not fossil fuels. There aren’t any dangerous emissions polluting the air. Your carbon footprint becomes nearly non-existent. 

Studies show that burning fossil fuels like carbon dioxide and other gas-related emissions may contribute to climate change. Moderate increases in global bike riding can save millions of tons of pollutants, effectively reducing the damage over time. 

Reducing fossil fuel usage is important, but it doesn’t stop there. When you skip cars in favor of biking, you lower the amount of antifreeze, transmission fluid, and other liquids that are essential in a vehicle but harmful to the environment.

An increase in cars on the road brings congestion, and the natural byproduct of too much traffic is more roads built. These roads cut through nature, destroying homes and ecosystems and causing water run-off that pollutes the ground and water. 

If more people switched to bikes, local governments would need to add more bike paths, which are significantly less damaging to the land.

Choosing to bike for your job is a win/win. You help the environment at the same time you’re improving your physical fitness.


Joining the cycling industry as a delivery person might be a job some people will question. After all, as a society, we’re used to the conveniences of driving cars. But with so many benefits that impact your finances, health, and the planet, making the switch to bike delivery services is a winning solution.

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