How taking the best photographs can increase the chance to sell or let a house.

Visuals have a great impact on human brains. Currently, there are numerous houses and properties available in the market for sale and rent. Your house might have great interiors and look but you need to present it in the right way to the customers. Estate agents in Welling explain that pictures are the first step to attracting buyers and tenants to your property.

Thinking about why pictures of your property matter that much? Simply, we are in the digital era where most tasks are done online. Today anybody who wants to purchase or rent a property look online for it. And pictures are the first look at your property for the buyers and tenants. “First impression is the last” is a famous quote that clearly explains that buyers and tenants make up their minds about the property bought just by seeing the visuals.

If pictures value so much, then you don’t want to go wrong with them. Here are some photography tips that you can keep in mind while clicking pictures of your property. 

  • Make use of a digital camera. 

The first thing comes first. For clicking good pictures having a good camera is essential. All these days, smartphones have wonderful camera quality. But still having a professional camera for this work is best. It will enhance the quality of your photographs. Even if you don’t own a digital camera you don’t need to worry. You can borrow it from friends or family. You can even ask a professional photographer to come and click pictures. 

  • Make sure you click pictures in good light.

You always take care to click your pictures in good light. Then how can you skip this while clicking the pictures of your property? You need to make sure that the pictures are taken in the proper light. Remove the curtains, open the doors and windows and let the natural light flow in. Pictures are best shot in natural light. You can choose a bright sunny day afternoon to get the pictures clicked of your space. Also, if your house is not that well illuminated by natural sunlight, then switch on maximum lights to get a clear picture.

  • Choose the right spot to click pictures.

The tenant or buyer will physically visit your residence before making any decision. You do not need to flood the websites with a lot of pictures of your property. Choose some specific areas like the kitchen, washrooms, dining rooms and hall, bedroom, balcony, or terrace and upload the pictures of these spaces. Also, you need to pay attention to the angle of the picture. You won’t upload ten pictures of each place so need to choose one right angle that covers the entire room and gives you a perfect shot. 

  • Pay attention to the selling points.

Your house or space might have some spaces that are the major highlights. Those spots made you interested in opting for that particular property. Then don’t you think it would be a great idea if you show some of those major highlighted spots of property to the buyers as well? Choose at least two or three such spots and take their pictures. Make sure you highlight or describe those pictures separately while uploading. This will help you stand out your property more than the other options

  • Choose the pictures wisely. 

As mentioned previously, you need not upload too many pictures of your property. Once you are done with taking pictures, you would have to choose the best 5-8 pictures. Focus on brightness, angles, picture quality, and clarity while choosing. Don’t choose pictures that show your furniture too much until and unless you are providing a fully-furnished space. Keep in mind that these pictures will appeal to the buyer or tenants to visit your property over several other options, so choose the best shots to stand out. 


The above described were some tips that will help you take some best shots of your property. Your property pictures have a major impact on the buyers. Follow the above tips, attract good customers and sell or rent your property at the best price. 

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