The Deception of Depth Food Packaging Design That Will Blow Customer’s Mind

Your products’ packaging is your customers’ first impression of your brand and products, so the goal of every design, including the design of your stick packaging, is to captivate and impress your clients. Even the materials your packaging is made from influence clients’ purchase decisions. Therefore, these are packaging design trends and strategies.

Conduct Product and Customer Research

Your first task should be conducting full research on your product and target market. First, consider the dimensions of your food products and what type of packaging will best protect them. For example, if you sell fragile items, such as eggs, you may choose durable, thick cardboard packaging that protects it from breaking. However, if you sell creamer, you may consider packing that also distributes it, such as a squeezable stir stick with creamer inside.

Once you do your product research, consider your target market. Consider their likes and dislikes. Are they environmentally conscious? Would they appreciate multiuse or recyclable packaging? Do they expect dramatic, bold packaging or elegant, muted designs?

Do more than investigate their demographics as you consider your deign. Also, research your what your competition is offering.

Provide an Interesting and Thrilling Design

Packaging has changed significantly in recent years. Gone are the bold, bright colors. Many companies have adopted a minimalist packaging option. This packaging suggests that the company is honest and offers simple, clear information about their products.

However, other brands have adopted packaging with curves of color. The more natural flow is seen as more friendly. Although many companies choose bold, unique text or font designs, others use more standard, easier-to-read fonts. You can even replace pictures with text if it is used right.

Also, consider symmetry in your design because this draws the eye. However, abstract art can be used to create more interesting packaging.

Captivate Customers More Effectively

To get your product to stand out from the rest, consider moving away from traditional, standard packaging. For example, consider multiuse packaging with an attractive design. Although food packaging has strict legal requirements, you may consider different materials and an artistic design. For example, you may choose digital printed coffee bags using vegetable inks that can be reused or recycled for your environmentally conscious customers.

Although the general rule is to keep your design simple, play with depth to build captivating products. Make sure that your package is easy to open no matter what design you use. The quality of your packaging should match that of your products, but make unboxing your products an experience.

Depth Fallacy

Deceptive designs make your products exciting. Customers are excited about three-dimensional graphics and complicated effects. This enhances the visual depth of your packaging and draws your customers in. Fake 3D art also adds depth to your products. It tricks the eye and grabs attention. However, your product quality should meet your customers’ expectations and reflect the excitement of the packaging.

Effective packaging design can reduce your costs because your products are kept secure, reducing returns due to damage. Don’t forget to place your brand front and center on your custom print mylar bags and other packaging options so you build brand identity and loyalty. Inspire social media shares by offering unique packaging and high-quality products.

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