The fight between Chile and Uruguay in 2015

The fight between Chile and Uruguay in 2015

The 2015 Copa América had a series of controversies. In addition to football, you can bet on some cricket live match tonight through the 1xBet website. This championship saw Chile claiming their first senior football title ever. Yet, obtaining this achievement was far from easy.

A match that deserves particular attention was one that took place on the 24th of June 2015. It was a quarter-final contest between Chile and Uruguay. Uruguayans are well renowned for being fierce rivals. Punters can enjoy live cricket and football matches tonight with 1xBet, which also has contests of the Uruguayan national team.

Sometimes the Uruguayans can be a bit “excessive” when playing. This led to a series of situations that made this match an event that will surely be remembered for decades to come.

The underdogs

In 2015 Chile was playing some excellent football. Under the guidance of coach Jorge Sampaoli, Chile was seen as a serious candidate for claiming the Copa América of that year. Besides football matches you can try a live cricket game betting on 1xBet, which has all matches from this tournament.

When Uruguayans and Chileans saw each other on the field, the match immediately displayed more violence than good football. There were a lot of harsh fouls from one side to the other. The main protagonists of the match were:

  • Mauricio Isla;
  • Gonzalo Jara;
  • Edinson Cavani;
  • Jorge Fucile;
  • and Fernando Muslera.

Punters can make live betting on cricket and football games at any moment through 1xBet. However, things started to break down by the 63rd minute, with the match still 0-0. Here a curious situation happened.

Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara was taking good care of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. In that minute, the defender put a finger on Cavani’s “rear” to call it in a gentle manner. Obviously, the Uruguayan didn’t like that, and slapped the Chilean’s face. The referee showed a straight red card to Cavani.

A chaotic ending

From that point on, the match descended into chaos. For other chaotic matches, visit now the live stream football India on 1xBet website. Mauricio Isla scored the only goal of the match at the 81st minute. Despite being with 10 men on the field, the Uruguayans tried hard to score a goal that never came.

By the end of the match, the Uruguayans were spending more time complaining to the referee rather than actually playing football. Defender Jorge Fucile also got a straight red card after a harsh foul. Here, all the Uruguayans went to complain to one of the linesmen. In fact, goalkeeper Fernando Muslera outright pushed him, which should have also been a red card. Watching live football streamings on the 1xBet India website on Uruguay matches can be very entertaining.

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