The History of the National Cat Day

For people who love their beloved kitties too much, it’s just natural to spoil them. After all, these pets provide laughter, fun, and comfort to you as an owner, and you may want to give something that will make their lives easier. 

If you’re not an owner of a beautiful feline, it may be time to reconsider owning one. Some people wonder when is national cat day so they can prepare for the day and make it more special for their furry friends. The answer is October 29 in the United States, while August 8 in Canada.

History of the National Celebration

These celebrations were first done in 2005 because the cat lovers wanted to galvanize the public into action. In addition, some wanted to raise awareness about the number of kitties being rescued every year. The credit goes to Colleen Paige, who was a lifestyle writer. Her mission is to encourage cat lovers to celebrate a special day with their pets that bestow companionship and unconditional love to them.

From the point of view of someone who loves felines, this can be valid. Whether it’s feral or domestic, all kitties deserve an owner who will care and feed for them.

Reports from science magazines have shown that humans have domesticated cats as far back as 12,000 years ago. This period has already encompassed many naps and toys. The process seems to first appear in countries like Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel, but the domestication process was not easy, and it was not done overnight. Many of the cats didn’t go from wild beasts to the softly purring ones. 

As National Geographic states, the DNA that came from kittens suggested that they have lived for thousands of years alongside human beings before they get to enter their homes. While living alongside, some of their genes have changed for wild cats. For example, they developed dots and distinctive stripes that are common for tabby kittens. Read more about the history of felines’ domestication on this site here.

Other studies have revealed that the ancient sailors have brought cats on their journey at sea to help the preservation of food. The kitties usually kill the rats, which facilitated the spread of the domesticated kinds across the entire world.

Everyone was happy when they spread around the world. Like canines, many of them get credit for being charming, lovable, and a little bossy. They can gauge their owners’ emotions and moods, and they will make their actions accordingly. Most of the natural cravings of indoor felines have been given up so they can live near humans.

You can take a moment to appreciate them during National Cat Day and pamper them in every way you can. They indeed have a kind of aloofness, but they have come a very long way and got in treacherous journeys on the seas to reach you.

Timelines to Know About

Egyptians worshipped cats in 4,000 BC because these pets are considered sacred. They can be found in paintings and carved statues, and the ancient culture passed it down to today’s millennia.

In 5,000 BC, the cats were revered in China by the Song Dynasty. The first kitty was gifted to the emperor of China during that time, and it became popular in many wealthier households. However, only the affluent were able to get their hands on them. Learn more about the felines’ arrival in China here:

In 100 AD, the felines, with the voyagers, took a trip to Europe. What was considered vacations became a common occurrence in the streets when the traders decided that the Romans and Greeks could hunt for rats. Pest control was one of the needs of many civilizations in the past, and the kitties are the ones that can help many household owners do this.

Facts to Know About


This number means that more than four in ten people have a feline in their place. Most of the owners, or around 57%, have one kitty they care for.


Under half of the owners tell their kitties, “I love you.”


More than one-quarter of owners say that their kitties are considered their best friends.


The primary purpose of traditionally celebrating cat day is to raise awareness on the number of felines that need help or rescue every year. For people trying to raise more attention on this topic, many of the cats may choose to observe the day by pampering their kitties with treats.

It could be a new bed, their favorite treats, supplements that can make them healthier, or anything that they love in general. Search online and see other activities that your kitty will love or cook them their favorite meals.

Celebrate this special occasion because they want to take some time out and get to know more of their furry friends. The pet parents may not be around much, and they may want to connect with their kitties and see their activities on a day-to-day basis. Commemorating the special bond of kitties to humans is also one reason why National Cat Day is celebrated.

Some people want this day to be pure fun. Advocating for their furry friends’ health, safety, and overall well-being is one reason why this day is worth celebrating. In addition, many cats are beloved in many households globally, and some consider them a part of the family, so a special day for them is worth celebrating.

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