The Subtle Art Of Making A Decision

Let’s face it, decision-making is challenging, and making good decisions is not as easy as it seems. Life is full of choices, and sometimes it is not easy to take a big step unless you decide and play it well. Regardless of which decision you are making, whether it is what to cook tonight or which city is best for a filmmaking course, it is an important skill to be a good decision-maker

Decision-making is an art. You can be a good opinion giver but not a good decision maker unless you learn how to do so. Feeling indecisive makes you go down, and you might feel a little cocky about it. Some practices and tips make you aware of the situation and tackle any problem. The question is how to make a great decision. There is no perfect rule, yet some tips to make good decisions:

  • Take A Load Of Stress Off 

Stress kills creativity. You can either make bad decisions or worse when you are under a load of stress. It is quite natural to feel stressed out when you are facing a difficult condition or a tough choice. The real deal is not to make any wrong steps and let your heart know it is OK.

If you are feeling a bit nervous or anxious, try to calm yourself down. Good decision-making is not easy, and you have to be at your best when you think of something. Let’s suppose that you are the manager of a restaurant. It is Christmas, and you are under high customer service. Let’s say your luck has run out, and three of your staff members are on vacation. You are understaffed, and the customers are on peak. What would you do? The first step is to let go of the stress you have and make a quick but responsive decision to tackle the situation.

  • Think About The Pros And Cons

Thinking of a decision is not easy when you are short on time, and when it is so, we lose sight of the big picture. You need a long-lasting plan to make your future secure. One best way to take notes of the pros and cons could be a hurdle in your journey. Just know that expectations are worse than reality. Cons are not always in a certain decision. If your life is not at stake, you are good to go.

  • Talk It Out

One of the best ways to make a perfect decision is to talk it out, not to anybody else to share opinions, just talk it out with yourself to understand the concept. Some problems need your attention, just yours, to make sure you are satisfied with yourself. It is also a great idea to take the opinion of a person who has experience in a certain field. Some decisions can prove to be a rollercoaster for you. Make sure to make the best decision possible.


Decision-making is a subtle art, and it is not easy to get hold of the situation when under heavy stress. These are some of the tips that can be helpful when considering some important and valued decisions. You can’t be a good decision maker unless you know how to act like one. Decision-making is part of daily life and in any profession, at some point, you are required to make a decision. Nick Gamache journalist is a strategic communications specialist from Ottawa and currently serves as Senior Advisor of Media Relations and Issues Management at Elections Canada. Part of his daily life is to make decisions. Nick Gamache the house began his career as a reporter, writer/editor, producer with CBC/Radio Canada, and eventually became a senior producer for CBC’s political program, the House.

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