Thing to consider before buying a Steamer Wetsuit

Thing to consider before buying a Steamer Wetsuit

You must take into account in which season of the year or places you are going to practice surfing or spearfishing. Based on this you should choose a neoprene steamer wetsuit with more or less thickness. You should also take into account when buying your wetsuit how it is built (zippers and sealing) and the size you need.

Choosing steamer wetsuit on the basis of season

Steamer wetsuits for spring and summer:

  • Wetsuits with 2/2mm neoprene thickness are recommended for waters between 18ºC and 20ºC and can be short-sleeved on the arms and legs.
  • Wetsuits with 3/2mm neoprene thickness are recommended waters between 12ºC and 17ºC.

Steamer wetsuits for autumn and winter:

  • Wetsuits with 4/3 mm long neoprene are recommended for water between 10ºC and 17ºC.
  • Wetsuits with 5/4/3 mm long neoprene are recommended for waters between 8ºC and 11ºC. 

Nowadays, steamer wetsuit manufacturers are trying to provide the greatest possible elasticity in wetsuits, although normally a 5/4/3 mm thick neoprene will have less elasticity than a 2/2 mm, so this will influence our comfort at the time of surfing or spearfishing in the water.

Zipper type

The latest steamer wetsuits come with a variety of closure options. Zipper on the back, which is by far the most frequent, the zipper on the chest, or no zipper at all. In the latter method, the wetsuit is put on by sliding the body through the neoprene neck, which is constructed of an extremely flexible material that expands to the point where it is easy for the body to pass through. The drawback of this technique is that it might be difficult to put on and take off since there is no zipper on the back. The benefit of this system is that it allows for less water to enter because of this.

Size of steamer wetsuits

When you are putting on a steamer wetsuit, you should always warm-up and stretch to see whether or not the neoprene will adhere to the curves of your body. If you notice that it is too loose in the lower back region, this indicates that it does not suit your body shape. So, water will enter, you will lose your agility in the water, and you will not be able to maintain your body temperature.

When you go to try your new steamer wetsuit for the first time, it is a general rule, you need to consider that it has to be difficult to put on, and it needs to be extremely tight to the body, without creating folds. These are two important things that you need need to keep in mind. You need to be aware that if you try it on dry and it does not make you feel tight and it has not been difficult for you to put it on, then it is not the right size for you. The fact that the neoprene has a tiny give to it means that it has to be pulled extremely tightly before being worn in the water.

Steamer Wetsuits: Neoprene Design, production, and sealing type

A steamer wetsuit is of the utmost need to emphasize the design of the neoprene. When it comes to the answer to the litigation, this will be quite important. Currently, wetsuit manufacturers are trying to reduce the number of component parts required for each outfit. Neoprene can also be produced with a minimal number of components, which in turn allows for a reduction in the total number of sealing spots.

The production method of neoprene’s seams is another factor that contributes to the price disparity of the material.

Flatlock seams are used in the construction of low-end steamer wetsuits, which allow a significant amount of water to enter the suit during use. Steamer wetsuits with a medium-high range are constructed using a method that involves gluing and blind seams.

Final thoughts

If you are still unsure about which steamer wetsuit best meets your requirements for surfing and you are unsure which one to choose, you can either visit NeoWetSuit for more information.  NeoWetSuit provides high-quality wetsuits designed by well-known wetsuit manufacturers like wetsuit manufacturers China, wetsuit manufacturers USA, wetsuit manufacturers Australia, SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers, etc.

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