Thorough Guide to Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

It is summertime. And summer means sitting in the backyard, drinking cool refreshing drinks and spending time relaxing to the fullest. The summer season means a fun-filled time, after all. But to enjoy the summer feels of this season, you must also have a well-groomed outdoor space that is well kept, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. A wilderness in these open spaces will decrease the attractiveness of even the most well-decorated homes.

So if you wish to make your outdoor space more inviting, you must create this paradise yourself. And how can you do that? In simple and easy to spruce steps!

Creating your own paradise

With adequate planning, take account of your lifestyle and visualise the type of outdoor space that you wish to create. Your garden can be so much more than a patch of lawn or a square of decking.

Spruce the space like a room

Consider everything you might need to make your outdoor space appear even more special. Do not think of this area as an extension of your house. Instead, think of this space as a part of your hose. Decorate it the way you would spruce up your rooms.

Planning your space

You have the garden, and you are ready to transform it into an oasis, but there are some points to consider first. Start by creating a plan. And by getting started on a project, we mean a solid plan with expert detailing.

Ask an expert

Employing a professional could be a good investment. Even if you are on a budget, an expert can help turn your ideas into achievable plans. 


Remember that there is nothing as sweet as privacy. Choose quality fencing, and soften it with planting.


A small garden can look messy only if there are more elements than necessary. This gives your garden a stuffed look where everything looks like it does not belong there. Instead, use hard landscaping (walls, decking, paving, etc.) to create interest. Cheap options are a false economy, so choose quality materials that will age well and need minimum upkeep, such as hardwood. Sandstone, slate and basalt are also ideal, or porcelain tiles that can imitate stone, concrete or wood.


Ask yourself how much work you are really willing to do. If the answer is ‘none, ideally’, avoid grass, as it will need attention at least once a fortnight in summer, and steer away from fruiting or blossoming plants, as falling debris is a pain to clear. Pots need constant watering, so consider installing a timed irrigation system. Leafy specimens are easy to care for and don’t look sad in winter.

Outdoor space lighting

For striking garden lighting, always remember that less is more, so leave part of the garden dark. Too many focal points confuse the eye.

  • Use low-voltage or energy-efficient lights, such as LEDs. A timer ensures they have not been left on accidentally.
  • Maximise the depth of the garden by focusing light on the furthest point.
  • Backlighting objects such as planters create strong silhouettes and add drama.
  • To up light a tree, fix spots on both sides so you can see the whole tree from every angle.
  • When illuminating evergreens for topiary, position the light at a distance to provide a wash of light.
  • Avoid glare and try to see the effect of the light by hiding the light source itself.
  • Fairy lights are great for a party and can be installed on a separate circuit. Get a qualified electrician to install an external power supply to avoid a trailing cable from an indoor socket.

Adding atmosphere

With the basics decided, how you finish your garden will determine its practicality and even the overall ambience. For example, get creative with an old designer rakhi online piece, put it up against one of the outdoor area’s exposed walls, and add additional embellishments to spruce up the decor further. Doing this will add a touch of uniqueness to your site and speak volumes about your type of person. Your guests will easily take you for being a family-oriented person who gives a lot of value to old possessions received from family members, such as your brother in this case.

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