TikTok Interactive Add-Ons: A New Way To Drive Engagement


TikTok is an admirable social media platform with 1 billion active users that offers a new way for marketers to drive engagement. It is an addictive platform that continuously progresses with its emerging new features. The updated features provide a lot of opportunities for advertisers to promote their brand and increase their sales potential. If you are an advertiser, turn your focus towards the new exciting features to expand your network. 

Now, one of the valuable features for advertisers on TikTok is the interactive add-ons. The interactive elements include pop-ups, stickers, and gestures that help brands entice and engage viewers. However, to step up the marketing efforts, more advertisers often buy tiktok fans and start to build their brand’s reputation on the platform. If you desire to be successful in the competitive market, plan your business promotion in a strategic way and achieve your result-oriented goals. 

Here in this guide, let us discuss the interactive add-on features on TikTok. 

What Are Interactive Add-Ons On TikTok?

Interactive Add-ons on TikTok visualize creative elements like pop-ups, stickers, and more to grab the user’s attention. While creating the videos, interactive add-ons let you be more creative and help visually present brands’ messages precisely. There are two types of interactive add-ons on TikTok.

  1. Standard Interactive Add-Ons
  2. Premium Interactive Add-Ons

These two types of add-ons are created for various sales funnel stages. Both inte4ractive add-ons help achieve different marketing campaign goals, conversions, and reach metrics like video views, traffic, or sales leads. If you are a business, ultimately utilize the add-on options to achieve your business goals. 

Standard Interactive Add-Ons

Do you want to reach your lower-funnel marketing goals like increasing clicks and conversions on TikTok? If so, standard interactive add-ons on TikTok offer a new way to drive engagement. There are four types of standard interactive add-ons. They are:

  1. Display Cards: It visually spotlights your brand-specific message, like offers and deals. It drives clicks and increases website traffic. For an extended reach, you can also leverage TikViral, which helps to build brand credibility. 
  2. Gift Code Stickers: This ad is interactive and great for sharing special offers or incentives. It increases conversions and builds brand loyalty by attracting new customers and influencing the existing customers. 
  3. Voting Stickers: This ad lets brands quiz, poll, or collect feedback from their customers. This type of add-on is best to interact with the audience and build a loyal audience base. In addition, it dramatically impacts the users and makes them actively participate. As a result, there is a significant opportunity to build a brand community that increases sales and skyrockets the brand’s profit. 
  4. Countdown Stickers: Whether planning for any upcoming event or creating buzz about your product deals? If yes, utilizing countdown stickers are best to enhance your brand’s visibility. 

Premium Interactive Add-Ons

Do you want to reach your upper-funnel marketing goals like increasing brand awareness and building community? If so, premium add-ons are the right option for you. Currently, there are two premium add-ons available. 

  1. Pop-Out showcases: It presents and limelights specific products and drives more clicks for users to take action with your brand. Further, it increases your sales funnel. 
  2. Gesture: It triggers users’ interest in clicking or swiping on an ad to unveil rewards or a discount. Surprising gestures will delight users and bring more customers to your landing page.

The new interactive premium add-on feature is coming soon!

Super Like 2.0 (coming soon): TikTok plans to roll out Super Like 2.0 interactive add-on to its premium offering. If you utilize this ad, the eye-appealing floating icons will appear that entice your potential audience. In addition, it enables you to showcase pop-up cards once the Super Like effect is displayed. It drives users to your landing page, which helps them learn about your product or service. 

Why Should You Use Interactive Add-Ons?

As per the survey, TikTok users who share, view, like, or comment on TikTok videos are more possibly purchase a product or service. If the viewers look over the brand’s videos, there is more chance that the users will look over your brand’s stores. At the same time, more likely, 40% of users will visit your brand’s website. Understanding the effectiveness of interactive add-ons, more brands started to use them to trigger the potential customers’ interest in purchasing the product. Certainly, it is interesting to increase your response rate. It exclusively increases brand awareness, engagement, sales, and more. 

Final Takeaway

After reading this article, I hope you understand the effectiveness of interactive add-ons. Businesses utilizing the interactive add-ons in the best way triggered the user’s interest to purchase the brand. You can also try out TikViral to open up massive opportunities for your marketing efforts. It is definitely worth considering to capture people’s attention. As a result, you can increase your sales response and grow your business at a fast pace.

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