Tips to Boost Your Marks in CBSE 10th English Board Exam

Board examinations are on the head, and many must have started their preparations while some are still searching for the proper guidance to move ahead to begin their practice. Well! The 10th board is the deciding point in students’ lives, and many students are still facing difficulties in scoring good marks in English. 

English seems to be one of the most challenging subjects because of grammar and hard word meanings. But! It’s a myth. English is not as hard as you think. 

Here are some simple steps to score good marks in English – 

  1. Be structural- When you prepare for boards, the best you can do in English is to read the chapters thoroughly. Reading chapters entirely has its own benefits. When you read the chapters, make sure to understand the chapters and characters very well. For example- if you’re reading the poem, understand what the poem is all about. What does the poet want to tell you? Try to know the meaning of each line. Similarly, if you are reading the story, make sure to understand the importance of the story what the story is all about? What does the author want to tell you? When you understand each chapter well, you will be able to answer all the questions independently. You will be able to frame the answers all by yourself. 
  2. The characters are essential!- We often see students facing difficulties remembering the names of the characters when answering. They often get confused as each new chapter has different characters. In your board examination, you cannot afford to lose marks at any cost. Even one mark also makes a huge difference. They can best remember the character by understanding the characters and linking them with the story. Know the chapters very well and associate the characters with some line or specific characterization. To better remember the characters, you need to write the names of all characters, and writing helps you remember well and doesn’t cause mess up in your head.
  3.   Formulate an answering pattern- There is a proper way of answering the question. You cannot write anything on the paper, leading to marks deduction. You can check the module sample papers to know how the answers are written. When you know the correct way of writing the answers, formulate it in your words or in your way. Additionally, there are questions ranging from 1 mark to 5 marks on paper. It’s up to you to decide which mark question you will attempt first. Some attend 1 mark questions first and move sequence-wise, while others try the question from the last. Choose your answering pattern depending on your speed. If your speed is slow, then, in that case, attempt 5 marks questions first. 
  4. Watch out for grammatical errors- This is the common problem with the students that they do not focus on grammatical mistakes and keep on writing the answers. That is the reason why they get such low grades in the examination. So! Whenever you practice for the English paper, try to write things and check the grammatical mistakes. Complete the task and analyze what mistakes you are making and the correct form of it? Try not to repeat your mistake the next time. Do enough practice, and it will lead you towards success and make your grammar perfect. You can also take the help of your English teacher or join English grammar classes both online or offline based on your preference. 

Final Words

Learning and Understanding English is not as hard as everyone thinks. You can quickly learn to apply correct grammar and frame your answers with the help of online learning apps. Buy the courses online or ask your friend to share or sell their purchase if they know how to sell courses via online teaching apps? You can also visit the CBSE training portals to learn about the syllabus and the essential instructions. The tips mentioned above will help you pass the examination with flying colors. 

All the Best! 

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