Top 12 Play To Earn Games

The best tabletop games for earning have a good balance of strategy, skill and luck. Since video games are so popular and offer the chance to earn money, why not try your hand at gaming? You may discover that it’s well worth the time with some effort.

The earn games can be a very profitable market in the crypto space, and if you’re a gamer, you’ll like the versatility and vastness of the market. However, getting into it is not all that easy, so here’s a list of some best games.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a 3D game currently under development and will allow players to create objects, buildings and environments. The project is still in its alpha stage, but the game looks very promising. Players will be able to sell their creations for Silks (the game’s internal currency) and also trade their creations with other users. The Sandbox can be played on PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Silks Coin

Here, you must collect silk tokens by spinning, playing games, and referring other people to the game. The developers of The Sandbox created silk Coin to provide a real-life use case for the digital assets that are being created within the game. SilkCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be used to buy and sell digital assets within The Sandbox, Spells of Genesis, Star Atlas and Decentraland.


You must collect resources to battle others, trade with others, and level up your cards/ammunition in this game. 

Spells of Genesis

In this game, you collect cards and level them up to defeat enemies and other players who play against you. 

Star Atlas

In this game, you collect points to trade them for resources that can be used to improve the Kingdom that you are developing. 


This open-source platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content. The game uses digital land as a medium for users to build with VR technology. In this game, you build an entire city from nothing by buying plots of land and developing it. This is one of the most fun earning games, and I suggest giving it a try if you have not already.


This game is based on pirates and sea battles. The player receives prizes for sinking enemy ships. The game has a lot of strategies and a lot of action. It is best for RPG lovers who want to be competitive but still want to play an RPG game.

Axie Infinity

This game will be the best collectible card game on the planet. The graphics are great, and the player can collect pets that they can battle against other players’ pets. The player can build their pet’s abilities as they see fit or enhance abilities given to them by breeding with other players’ pets—a must-have for card game lovers.

Forest Knights

Forest Knights is a mobile strategy video game developed and published by Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die! 2 and Hero Academy 2.

Alien worlds

This turn-based strategy game combines classic RPG elements in richly detailed worlds.


Sorare is an exciting game where players have to train their pets known as “Sorares”. These pets will be battling it out against each other in real-time. The graphics for this game are beautiful, too, making it even more enticing.

Gods unchained

Gods Unchained is another incredibly popular game that lets people play as gods and goddesses battling it out among themselves to prove who out of them is the best god. The graphics for this game are also extremely nice, and the gameplay itself looks fun.

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