Top 4 popular LLBA eyelash extensions products you should own

Top 4 popular LLBA eyelash extensions products you should own

Choosing high-quality lash extensions will benefit your lash business as a lash artist. But how to find guaranteed quality products among so many products on the market? The simplest answer is to find yourself a trusted brand with many years of experience in the industry, such as LLBA Professional. If you still have doubts, check out these 4 top-rated products of this brand.

1. Top 4 popular LLBA eyelash extension products

Of course, all products from this brand are appreciated for their quality, so here are just four typical products for your reference. Visit the brand’s website to learn more!

– LLBA Promade 3D fan lashes

- LLBA Promade

Pro-silk is used to create the gorgeous matte black look on LLBA Promade 3D lashes. They could be able to enhance your clients’ natural eyelashes and add a curl that looks natural. The 0.07/0.10mm thickness of 3D lash fans makes them comfortable and lightweight. The base of the LLBA Professional 3D promade fans is tiny and compact for simple installation. They can persist for up to 4-6 weeks if properly taken. The lengths and curls of LLBA Professional 3D promade fans range from C to CC to D. Therefore, you may accommodate a variety of client preferences. There are 480–530 fans in an LLBA 3D promade volume fan box, which is four times as many as in lash trays from other manufacturers. So, LLBA is the best choice if you’re seeking a low-cost solution. Also, you can prefer Russian Strip Lashes that make your eye more attractive and beautiful.

– LLBA Flat lashes

LLBA Flat eyelash extensions can be connected from the top or bottom of the actual eyelash and are made for the traditional one-on-one lash application technique. Due to the bonding area, these lashes have a flat base that aids retention. With a double split tip and a black appearance, these delicate and flexible lashes give the appearance of having a beautiful full set. Since they are lightweight, they can be doubled up to give the impression that they are fuller and thicker. With diameters of 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm, these flat lash collections come from 8mm to 16mm. The curls come in C, CC, D, and L curls, and the mix lengths run from 8mm to 15mm. Besides, since the adhesive is only 2mm from the line, making the required set is as simple as removing every single eyelash from the strips! Because they come in both mixed and single trays, LLBA flat lashes are also quite affordable for your lash business.

– LLBA Classic Started Training Kit

- LLBA Classic Started Training Kit

It is a fantastic alternative for all training institutions hoping to provide the greatest eyelash extension instruction with the LLBA Lash Starter Kit, as well as for individuals just starting their careers in the lash extension business and seeking the best supplies to utilise on their clients. The kit contains items for traditional training, including Flat Lashes and Velvet Super Mink Lashes, two of LLBA’s specialty lashes!

– LLBA High Humidity Adhesive


You may not be aware that humidity might harm lash extensions. Therefore, they ought to be used in ideal circumstances. Adhesives function best in the humidity range of 40% to 60%, where they are most optimal. The adhesive grip on your lash extension may become less effective if the humidity level changes significantly, either up or down. It occurs when adhesives dry more quickly or more slowly than anticipated. Any lash adhesive’s primary ingredient is “Cyanoacrylate”. After application, the acrylic monomer transforms into a plastic substance. Therefore, the use of this component in lash adhesive guarantees that it will dry rapidly and maintain its position for a long time. 

Conversely, cyanoacrylate can only begin to attach when the surface is damp and not dry. To cure the lash adhesives, humidity acts as an activator. The bonding speed of cyanoacrylate increases with dampness. But if the humidity drops, cyanoacrylate will only adhere slowly. High humidity areas may result in sweat, producing the skin’s oil. This is why you want to pick LLBA High Humidity Adhesive, one of their greatest eyelash adhesive items, carefully.

  1. Why should you choose LLBA Professional?

choose LLBA Professional

Not only providing high-quality products, LLBA Professional is also a trusted brand and favoured by countless lash artists and lash salons worldwide thanks to its 5-star service quality and customer care. For these reasons, you can completely trust and choose LLBA Professional as the main supplier for your lash business. Dedicated, fast delivery mode and reasonable product price.

If you have questions about the product or the purchase process, feel free to contact us anytime. LLBA Professional is always ready to bring the best eyelash extensions products to you and your clients.

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