Top 5 Unusual Card Games to Play with Friends During a Dark-Themed Party

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Themed parties are a great way to unite people, whether for a birthday or fun. And one of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere that fits your noir, vampire, mafia, or another theme is through appropriate games! Here are some great card games you can play with your friends at a dark-themed party!

1. Baccarat

One of the best live casino games, Baccarat is a high-roller game. It has a somber, serious tone and is perfect for those who want to bring an elegant and historical feel to their themed party. If you love some noir tones, dark waltz music, and emotional semitones of distrust, imagining you are a business queen/king/non-binary regal who knows their ways is the best choice while you enjoy this simple game.

Playing Baccarat is pretty easy! You need to pick a side, whether you believe the banker will win or the player will prevail. You then place your bet in that direction. The dealer gathers cards from a shoe and deals two hands. One is for the player and one for the banker.

If you guess which hand has a higher value, you win!

2. Jackpot (Card Game, also called Cash and Kent)

Refrain from mixing that Jackpot with casino Drops and Wins because Kent only has the same designation. The jackpot card theme is usually played by four participants who split into two teams. You have to talk to your partner in a secretive manner not to let other participants determine which cards you have. So, you also have to come up with signals that let you explain the situation without letting opponents know what you mean.

Time for the rules! You or your partner must collect four cards of a kind (for instance, all aces). All participants get 4 cards, and someone (no matter who) places four more cards on the table face up. All of you choose any card. Repeat that process until you get four of a kind!

Four rounds suffice to determine the winning team. More teams can also play that simple game, but ensure your deck is thick enough to give everyone a chance to score.

3. Blackjack

If you have watched a few detective movies, backgrounds on noir tones, and TV series set in the 1940s or 1950s, you have probably heard about Blackjack. That gambling card game is perfect for those who want to bring some excitement with them to their dark-themed parties!

Blackjack has become so popular that you know the rules even if you have not been to the best crypto casino. The best way to win is to be closer to 21 without busting. You can double down/split your cards if they form two hands. So you can play Blackjack in homes populated by 3-5 people with this simple variation!

4. Mafia

Mafia is another card game that takes place in dark settings. It, too, can be played with many people (as many as 20), although it usually goes down better with 10.

The main goal is to identify and eliminate the mafia members one by one until only you remain. The mafia members will try to keep their identities hidden and eliminate the rest of the players. If you have a big group, divide it into teams, including cops and robbers!

5. Clue (Cluedo)

This simple but elegant card game is great for those who want to add a detective tone to their party. Players try to guess which player murdered Mr. Black in his manner.

The main goal is to collect clues and eliminate the options until only one player remains alive! Clue has several variations, including Cluedo, Clue, and Detective.

Final Words

Your dark-themed party is the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of mystery and intrigue to your guests’ experience. Whether you prefer card games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Mafia, Clue, or something more challenging like Jackpot (Card Game), there are plenty of ways to add excitement!

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