Top Places to Explore in the World

The world is full of incredibly beautiful and fascinating places. The places offer a variety of landscapes, scenery and traditions we can’t resist but make our heart and soul wander. Travelling to new places makes one feel and cherishes the richness of diversity the world has to offer. Each destination you travel to enrich your understanding of beauty, culture and traditions. Do you often find yourself completely lost and mesmerised by the immense beauty of the world? Then, sit back and enjoy our top five places you should explore to ease your inner wanderlust child. Can you convert how many zeros in a billion to the Japanese language? If not, then be ready to learn it as our first destination is Kyoto, Japan. 

Kyoto, Japan:

Do you keep thinking about cherry blossoms too? Then, you should probably want to visit Kyoto’s gardens, which offer delightful views during the season and are considered one of the most romantic spots in the town. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life in this town as it follows the traditional Japanese culture and life moves at a slow pace here. Apart from beautiful scenery, the town has amazing hiking trails. You can also explore the magical bamboo groves here. 

Doha, Qatar:

Doha is one of the trending destinations because of its vibrant nightlife and luxury villas and apartments. It is also considered a modern paradise for luxury vacation seekers as it has everything from a golden sandy desert, premium resorts, high-end shopping malls, islands to entertainment centres. Don’t be surprised if you witness the most amazing man-made island enriched with premium features here. You can have the yummiest cuisine and experience Qatar’s culture in Doha. Many shopping centres also have pet corners and it is target dog friendly.

Saint Petersburg:

Do you have a deep love for historic places? Well, this place is perfect for you. The city is known for playing a major role in the Russian Revolution which took place around 100 years ago. This capital city has a vibrant network of canals which also leads to the iconic imperial building.  Saint Petersburg has one of the oldest museums and much amazing shopping stops for shopaholics. Don’t forget to visit street art museums and buy antiques during your travels. You can also explore the unique and vibrant range of flora and fauna in this region. 


Venice is known as one of the most renowned romantic places in the world. People usually prefer spending their intimate vacations with their loved ones floating and wandering around in beautiful water taxis and gondolas. The city has numerous pristine bridges which redefine art in its unique way. The history is preserved beautifully in bridges, buildings by artists and architects. Come and fall in love with its amazing atmosphere whispering romance in every sense. Visiting one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Maldives on world map or Venice is still a dream for many people. 

Mexico City:

Mexico City is a perfect vacation location to explore contemporary Mexican culture, amazing food and thriving nightlife. It is becoming more popular among travellers as the place has nominal price hotels and cheap transportation facilities. The city has numerous art galleries, graffiti districts and vibrant pubs and clubs offering you one of the best nightlife experiences. You can taste the traditional divine Mexican street foods such as tacos, enchiladas and tamales being sold on small carts near markets. 


These are our top five places you should explore in the world to get a great, vibrant and culture-rich experience. Hope you find the article useful in planning your next vacation destination. 

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