Top Remote Jobs for New Graduates

Top Remote Jobs for New Graduates

New graduates are entering a world with access to unprecedented job flexibility and technological innovations. Driven job seekers can find positions that allow them to grow and engage with their community. Remote positions enable applicants to join companies across the country or the globe. Think about the following remote jobs for new graduates as you embark on your search.  

  1. Product Specialist

Qualified product specialists are an essential bridge between engineers and customers. Remote specialists work for Instacart to communicate with customer care and engineers and meet customer needs. They become experts in the shopping platform and are vital for building strong relationships with repeat customers. A great product specialist looks to the future of personal shopping while making continual improvements to the system.

  2. Public Relations Specialist

Every large company needs a creative public relations specialist. Graduates with degrees in communication can implement their training in real-world situations. PR specialists help companies to present their best face to the public and plan for any audience perception hurdle. This position can be part of a remote team that uses video calls and shared files to build organizational resilience.

  3. Diversity Training Leader

Graduates with connections to historically marginalized groups may be qualified to lead diversity training seminars. Design online presentations and breakout group discussions. New graduates are particularly aware of online cultural sensitivities and accessibility issues. Put student activist group experience to use, such as leading a disability awareness seminar during disability employment awareness month. 

  4. Fundraiser

Political campaigns and nonprofit organizations employ fundraisers to connect with donors online and over the phone. Fundraisers help organizations to meet their financial goals by using effective communication and storytelling techniques. You may be great for such a position if you enjoy meeting new people and bringing them on board to advance an exciting mission. Remote fundraisers are self-starters.

  5. Software Developer

Computer science graduates can earn high salaries in entry-level software development positions. Over half of such jobs can be done remotely and allow employees to find the best of both worlds as members of product teams. Work on applications, games, websites, and promising startup initiatives.

  6. Translator

Remote translators put their language skills to work. Translate documents or connect with clients in real-time. Hospitals employ translators to make medical care accessible for all patient families. A translator can be present in an exam room via tablet, camera, and microphone.

  7.Virtual Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants benefit from close proximity to business leaders. Remote assistants communicate with leaders and their teams through computer operations and frequent phone calls. Build a business contact network and learn about top jobs through firsthand experience. Virtual assistants can work from just about any location or time zone.

  8. Customer Service Representative 

Optimize an entry-level customer service representative position as a learning experience and an essential foot in the door. The front-facing position requires remote representatives to learn about the company and products in order to resolve client concerns. You may be assigned to engage with customers through chat services, official emails, or phone conversations.

  9. Recruiter 

A remote recruiter aids companies in hiring the best employees for their teams. New graduates can be valuable in these positions due to their connections with students and organizations at competitive schools.

  10. Accountant

Put your financial management skills and technological literacy to great use as a remote accountant. You may be involved in financial audits or work with clients to organize their accounts from home.

  11. Data Analyst

Data analysts are adept at sourcing, updating, organizing, and processing relevant information for companies. A remote position can involve research and analysis supporting new product development or improving customer care.

  12. Marketing Specialist

A significant portion of all marketing campaigns are primarily launched online. Marketing graduates can direct their skills to create social media campaigns and design promotional materials.  

New graduates can be assets to growing companies and remote positions enable enthusiastic applicants to think big. 

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