Top Sites for Finding Seasonal Work With Housing

Seasonal Work

There are many benefits to finding seasonal work with housing, including the flexibility it offers. Seasonal workers enjoy the free months in between seasons, which they can use for travel or to plan the next adventure. Hiring a seasonal worker with housing is easier than you think, as listing services match the job description with the right location and housing type. The free time is an ideal time to experience some of those bucket-list destinations. Listed below are the Top Sites for Finding Seasonal Work With Housing


Many seasonal jobs come with on-site housing. The benefits of living where you work are endless, including the chance to meet new people and spend quality time with your family. If you’re fortunate enough to work in an environment that offers on-site housing, you won’t have to worry about horrendous commutes, and you’ll often have dedicated team members who prepare meals for the entire staff. In addition, many seasonal jobs have subsidized housing, so you can save money each month.

Seasonal work can also give you a career boost. Seasonal jobs usually involve jobs in tourist areas that experience peak seasons. These areas don’t have year-round employment opportunities, so seasonal employment provides an opportunity for a rush in the local businesses and attractions. Higher tourism rates mean higher pay. Seasonal jobs also provide the opportunity to experience different types of work and build savings quickly. In addition, not all seasonal jobs are tied to tourism. Others are tied to contract work or to temporary needs.


The challenges of housing for seasonal employees can be unique for international workers, as they aren’t able to view properties before committing. Their time of stay is also tied to their place of employment, making public transportation a challenge. Additionally, this type of workforce plays a critical role in ski resort communities, as these workers provide services during peak tourism periods. J-1 and H-2B visa holders are among these workers.

Top sites for finding seasonal jobs with housing

If you’re looking for a seasonal job that includes housing and room and board, is your best bet. This site allows you to search for paid positions and includes photos of the job locations and perks. Whether you’re looking for summer adventure jobs or hospitality jobs, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. In addition to seasonal jobs with housing, these sites also offer jobs in travel and hospitality, adventure sports, and work abroad.

Another site dedicated to seasonal jobs is CoolWorks. This site allows you to filter seasonal jobs by season and category, so you can search for jobs that fit your schedule. CoolWorks features seasonal jobs for people with flexible schedules, including hospitality workers. CoolWorks’ database of jobs is updated regularly, so it’s best to check back often for new opportunities. CoolWorks offers seasonal jobs all year long, but most employers are in the hospitality industry, so you may want to filter your search for those that fit your needs.

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