Top Trending Home Design Ideas

Top Trending Home Design Ideas

Interior and exterior home design is a constantly shifting field where styles and trends fall all over the map from one year to the next. From gaudy gold and Roman-inspired columns to Nordic minimalism, home design can criss-cross the globe. Keeping up with what’s in style in home design helps businesses and homeowners maintain high-valued properties. Here are the recent top trending ideas in home design. You can even modify the small shop front elevation design according to your preferences and achieve your customized version

Arches and Rounded Edges 

As trends tend to come and go, curved surfaces such as arches and rounded entryways fell behind straight lines for many years until just recently. Fortunately, whimsy is coming back into play when it comes to home and property design, and that means arches are having a moment. Curves and rounded walls are also part of this trend, and this applies to furniture and structural design as well.

To achieve the aesthetic of this trend, it’s important to consider the type and quality of construction materials. For example, an arched roof over a front porch or a back deck can add a unique level of interest for the eye, but many people end up sacrificing the quality or visual appeal of materials for a quick renovation. Exploring the option of working with a building materials exporter can expand the range of materials available for any new project or renovation.

Intricate Designer Wallpaper

While black and white will always dominate when it comes to interior decorating, designer wallpaper has been gaining popularity. Far from the kitschy seashells and butterflies of bathrooms and bedrooms of the 1970s and ’80s, today’s homeowners are gravitating toward intricately designed wallpapers in deep, natural hues that evoke nature and playfulness without being too obvious or cliched.

Homeware and fashion designers are even trying their hands at crafting one-of-a-kind patterns for powder rooms and nurseries. Celebrity homes often feature one or two smaller rooms with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper in gorgeous, unique designs.

Natural Materials

From wood floors to ceramic and stone, natural materials are in hot demand in all aspects of home design. For interiors, homeowners are embracing cotton, linen, and natural fibers to create an atmosphere that’s timeless and comforting. In the outdoors, textured stonework and eco-friendly steel appliances and roofing are helping to create a simple and satisfying natural feeling.

Abstract Sculptural Pieces

While minimalist design still has a strong grip in the minds of homeowners, some people are discovering the fun in more experimental elements with abstract sculptural pieces. These pieces are either commissioned or found and are sometimes bought from specialty boutiques that focus on unique lighting fixtures and sculptural details in the home. Great places for installation include the garden, living room, kitchen, and dining room. Adding a touch of art to the home is a simple way to display personality and style.

Native Landscapes and Rock Gardens

As more people become interested in the environmental impacts of owning a home, there’s been an increase in people wanting native plants and rock landscapes in their outdoor spaces. Traditional grass can be difficult to maintain and requires heavy watering and routine maintenance. People are starting to go in a different direction with their yards to help preserve water resources and support the population of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.

Grasses, bushes, and flowering ground cover that are native to one specific region are a great option for landscaping because they increase the health of the environment surrounding the home. Another eco-friendly trend is to landscape with rocks or make a zen rock garden for meditation.

Skylights and House Plants

Continuing with green on the mind, one of the strongest interior decorating and architectural trends is inspired by the love of house plants. Pulling a wide array of potted plants into the home has become the new normal, and this has also meant that homeowners want as much natural light as possible. Skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming the key pieces of architectural interest in homes. As more people work from home for at least part of the week, the increase in natural light adds mental health benefits as well as aesthetic ones.

Home design doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether maximalist or minimalist in nature, home design is a space to express freedom and creativity.

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