Vastu tips for bathroom/toilet

Vastu tips

Bathroom is one of the most important places in the house and hence people aggressively focus on keeping it clean and decorated. In fact, for many of us, the bathroom is one of those places where we can actually spend some me-time. Hence if one’s bathroom is in good shape, it aids the overall mood of the native. However, a happy bathroom is not just about how it looks but also about how it feels. And to make it feel like everything you desire are Vastu tips for the bathroom/toilet.

It is a known fact in Vedic science that if there is a Vastu dosh in the bathroom or the house, eventually, the person has to face a lot of defects due to it. A disruption in Vastu means a disruption in the positive energies of the house, which eventually leads to mishappenings for the people living in the house. 

Wrong Vastu invites negative energies, which disrupt the various aspects of the native’s life such as love, career, health and more. In fact, if these negative energies combine with the negatives of the kundli of the person, it further hampers his or her life. Hence it is very important that one practises good Vastu to keep the good vibes coming. 

Today, as many natives consider building a toilet and bathing area in the same place, hence the Vastu Shastra of toilet or bathroom needs to be kept in mind. Vastu says that if toilets are not built in the right direction in the house, then diseases reside in the person’s house. At the same time, there are disturbances in the house, which is not at all right for the native.  

It is clear that like certain planets can mess up a native’s whole kundli, similarly, Vastu defects related to toilets or bathrooms bring a lot of troubles to the native. Hence, Vastu rules must be kept in mind while constructing a toilet and here are some for you. 

Reasons for Vastu defects

  • If the toilet is not built in the right direction of the house, then it leads to a Vastu defect. 
  • Also, Vastu defects can arise due to the wrong direction of the mirror inside the toilet or bathroom. 
  • Vastu defects can arise due to not choosing the right colours for the bathroom walls. 
  • When a Vastu defect occurs in the toilet, it affects the health of all the members in the house.
  • In case you have a tap in the washroom, which is always dripping, then there is a possibility of Vastu defect arising because of it.
  • Vastu defects also arise due to the improper shape of the toilet. 
  • Also, if the toilet door is not placed according to Vastu, then a Vastu defect arises inside the house. 
  • Having no window inside the bathroom also leads to Vastu dosh.

Vastu tips to remember for bathroom/toilet 

  • As per the astrologers, the best direction for the toilet or bathroom in the house is the south direction. 
  • Always make sure that you never construct the toilet or bathroom in the Northeast corner of the house as this direction is dedicated to God, and hence defecation shouldn’t be done in this direction. 
  • One should always keep in mind that he never constructs a toilet in front of the kitchen or adjacent to it. These days, due to lack of space, it is not always possible to follow this rule, hence in such situations, online astrology websites suggests that if planning to make a toilet besides the kitchen, then it should not be made in the north-east.
  • If you have a window in your toilet, then the proper direction is determined in Vastu Shastra for that as well. The window should always open towards the east. 
  • If the bathroom windows of your house are opening towards South or West, then it creates Vastu Dosh.
  • A toilet or bathroom should never be built together. Due to this Vastu defect arises. Yet if you plan to have them together, then you should keep salt in a glass bowl in the bathroom and change it every week.
  • If there is a toilet and bathroom in the north-east direction in the house, then a mirror should be placed on the outer wall towards north or east.
  • Placing a pyramid on the southern wall of the toilet of the house is considered very effective in removing Vastu defects.
  • It is considered auspicious to use blue coloured buckets and mugs in the bathroom.

Follow these tips for a vastu compatible toilet and bathroom. 

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