Ways To Fix The Mistakes Of Green Screen Background

When making an educational or a corporate video, you are most likely to use the green screen technology. With the green screen technology, you can set the video in a favorable location and use a preferred image without traveling to the specific location.  Once you finish filming, using video editing software removes the green color and allows you to replace the background with whatever you choose. 

You can either rent a green screen or buy your own based on the requirements. Even though it sounds simple, you need to learn some good lessons about the green screen mistakes. 

  • Shadow formation in the green screen

The shadows that form on the green screen may mar the production as it creates difficulties in the chroma key process during the post production stage. The shadows hamper the chroma key process as the dark areas that the shadows create on the green screen are almost similar to the dark areas that the shadow creates on the object. 

Typically, the occurrence of shadow on the green screen is due to string lighting or when the subject is too close. In order to get rid of this trouble, you need to place the subject a little bit away from the green screen background. Apart from this, you need to avoid using harsh lights on the front portion and instead add it behind the subject.

  • Improper lights on the green screen

While you need to avoid using too much light on the green screen, you must spread it properly to remove the difficulties in the chroma key process as there may still be light and dark areas in the background. Try to add lights that focus on the green screen to make everything appear smooth.

  • Avoid color spill on the screen 

Once you make the lights on the screen even, there may still be a lot of light on the green screen. With excess light on the green screen, the fluffy and the unsightly edges may be visible around the subject. 

The subject may be a human or anything else but the green halo surrounding them may not appear pleasant to the eyes and all this may again create problem in the chroma key process. If you want to make the subject look natural, you must avoid color spill on the screen, eventually leading to a green tint.

  • Managing motion blur

When the subject moves very fast during the shoot and the camera fails to catch the motion appropriately, and the fast-moving objects become one with the screen. If you want to avoid this problem, the best option would be to shoot at a higher frame rate. 

  • No sign of the subject

One of the commonest issues occurring when using the green screen is when the subjects are nowhere to be seen in the background. Especially, when the subject wears green or partially green-colored attire, it can mar the video. When shooting against the green screen, using green-colored attire may create a mess. 

If you are keen to avoid the green screen mistakes, try to shoot the video at a professional green screen facility and enjoy the perfect outcome.

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