Web designer Vs Web developer

If you are new in the field of technology then you must listen to web developers and designers. Sometimes, it becomes confusing for newbies because people in our community merge both of these professions. Don’t need to be more worried because we are here to sort out all your problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the working difference between web designers and web developers. Let’s get started;

The web design of a website is very important since the user sees the web design of the website when he first loads the website. This is why hosting site administrators prefer WHMCS because it makes it simple to construct websites using WHMCS Themes and templates.

Web designer

Web designers design the front layout of the website by using multiple colors, graphics, and visual themes and send it to the web developer to convert it into a real website. 

Web Developer

A web developer is a person who has a high grip on programming language, develops the layout that was designed by a web designer by using different coding languages, and turns it into an authentic website according to client demand.

Working of a Web designer and web developer

A web designer and developer may have a similar name but their work is opposite from each other. Both need to have specific skills and unique knowledge about their job requirement. Both designer and developer need for designing a unique website because the designer works on the appearance and design layout of a website while the developer architect its design and builds it by using multiple programming languages. 

How to Become successful a Web Designer?

For becoming a successful web designer, you just need to focus on few things and polish your skills as the client demands;

  1. Visual design and layout principles  

The layout of a website is an important thing to focus on. The visual design and layout must be present an attractive look. You need to manage and insert pictures, videos and graphics according to navigation principles. 

  • Mobile responsive Web design

A web designer should know how to design a mobile responsive layout. In the present era, multiple sizes of screens are spreading around us. Design a website that can be fit on every single screen. No matter what’s the size of screen have. 


  • Topography of colors

Your website traffic also depends on the color combination you choose. Selecting and deciding the right color is a different science. You need to learn all the color theories for a high website ranking. 


How to become a successful web developer?

A web developer is a programmer who develops a website by codding. The work of a developer is not simple as it sounds. Some core skills are mention below that a web developer should need to know;

  •  HTML

HTML (Hypertext markup language) is a structured web page. Web designers use HTML for developing different sites for multiple purposes. HTML is a simple programming language that helps in maintaining and saves the precious time of the developer.

  •  Java Script

Java Script is another programming language at a professional level. This is considered as one level advance of CSS and HTML. Java Script includes the advanced features of photo, slideshow, video, animation, and graphics. 

  • Word Press

After the advanced versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, software engineers develop word press. It is an easy way to develop a website especially if you are a beginner. It is completely free to install on every smart screen and reliable to use. The best thing is that no coding is required in word press.


Here, we are standing at the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learn the difference between web designers and developers. A website is not developed if one of them is missing. Multiple professional web designing firms in Pakistan are providing their 24 hours free services. I’ll recommend you to take a view on Web Master EYE. They are standing with us with high reviews and ratings and do your project efficiently in less time and minimum budget. 

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