What Are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) For Small Businesses?

With the growing use and need of mobile apps in the eCommerce industry, small businesses require efficient mobile apps. These apps can be either native or progressive web apps. Experts suggest that Progressive Web Apps are much more convenient for small businesses than any other app form.

That is how progressive web apps have gained a lot of success in recent years. These apps provide various benefits to small businesses. Before getting the detailed discussion on its benefits, let us dive into what Progressive Web apps are. However, you should contact an experienced mobile app developer (Mistersaad.com) to create an amazing mobile app for your small business.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive web apps are the kind of applications that have an extension on mobile websites. These apps can either be installed onto the mobile device or accessed directly through the web. They offer the same features and functionality that mobile apps provide. These features are accessible through the online website, too.

This way, one can use a progressive web app without allotting storage space to the app in the device. It requires an active internet connection, but one can download the app in times of no-internet availability.

Some Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps For Small Businesses:

Following are the benefits of PWAs small businesses can enjoy. 

  • Security Benefits

Since the entire tech world loves the idea of high-security platforms, these apps hold an advantage. They are web-based applications, and these websites include HTTPS links having SSL certificates. It makes it easier for mobile app developers to develop secure apps with sufficient data protection measures.

Another security advantage of these apps is that it offers fast loading. They offer perfectly optimum run-time performance for the users.

  • Higher Performance Rate

Progressive web apps provide a higher performance rate as compared to other conventional apps. It is so because these apps work on the technology of web caching. It is a process that saves data for comparatively fast action on future user requests. 

Proof shows that web applications receive greater lead conversions compared to conventional apps. That is why their use is always preferred.

  • No Installation Required

Another huge benefit of these apps is that they require no downloads or installations to the mobile device. They can be directly added to the mobile device through the web and used effectively. They provide a similar user experience as a conventional mobile application.

These apps add their icons when they are added to the homepage avoiding the whole installation process.

  • Low Data Usage

Since the use of data is an essential part of creating a mobile app, a mobile app developer must use it carefully. 

When a sudden decrease in mobile data prices is seen in the market, the use of PWAs can be considered very advantageous. Otherwise, using mobile data to download and install large apps turns out to be very costly for the customers.

  • Push Notifications

A great benefit provided by web applications is the use-time push notification feature. These apps display push notifications while the app is in use. 

They can display creative ways of popularizing the content a mobile app owner needs to spread. These options are effective in use by web industry giants for marketing purposes.

  • Low Development Cost

These apps have lower development costs than other mainstream and normal mobile apps. To be made cross-platform compatible, apps require a lot of development costs. 

On the other hand, progressive apps cut down the cost of development by many folds.

Winding Up!

The use of progressive web apps has proved innovative in the business mobile app industry. With its various benefits, soon it will take over conventional mobile apps and, their use will be highly limited. It means that mobile app developers and owners will prefer PWAs over conventional apps for small businesses. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of PWAs mentioned above, you should get in touch with a highly qualified Freelance Mobile App Developer Dubai.

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