What are the differences between Real Fur vs. Faux Fur

As the chill of winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, it’s time for everyone to pull out their hoodies, sweaters…and more! Nothing keeps you as warm and cozy in cold weather like a faux fur blanket. 

Faux fur is increasingly becoming popular amongst fashion designers due its sustainability advantages over real animal furs – but how do know if that stylish coat or throw was made without cruelty? It can be hard differentiate between fake and genuine fur so here are some tips on finding your perfect furry companion this season.

Real Fur 

From foxes to rabbits, hundreds of animals are sacrificed each year in favor of luxurious real fur apparel. These high-end items boast a unique texture and feel that can’t be replicated with synthetic alternatives – but at what cost? A single piece produced from animal fur requires the deaths of dozens upon dozens across its production cycle, making these garments incredibly pricey for those seeking an ethically questionable luxury item.

Faux Fur

Keep warm and ethical with faux fur! This synthetic fabric is made using a blend of polyester, acrylic and other materials to mimic the look of real animal fur without harming any living thing. The versatility doesn’t end there – since it’s more durable than its natural counterpart, faux fur can also be dyed in almost any color for stylish blankets that don’t come at the cost of cruelty.

Real Fur vs. Faux Fur 

When it comes to the fashion industry, there are two opposing sides: those who prioritize quality and see no value in cheap imitation fur; and others that prefer cozy faux alternatives without guilt. But how can you be sure whether what you’re buying is actually eco-friendly? Thankfully, with increased technology these days artificial fur looks almost indistinguishable from real animal pelts – but knowing your facts could make all the difference! An investigation by HSI revealed stores mislabelling items as synthetic despite using real materials. To gain peace of mind when shopping for a furry garment or blanket view our tips on distinguishing between fake & genuine furs here!

  1. Check the Labels
  2. Pay attention to care instructions
  3. Burn Test
  4. Look at Tips and Texture

Make Anifurry your go-to source for realistic faux fur products and fashion accessories. With a variety of high-quality options, you will find blankets, duvet covers, pillow cases and much more that make wonderful gifts or great additions to any home – all without the guilt of animal cruelty! So if Animal Welfare is important to you but comfort matters too – we have just what need!

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