Bicycle accidents and injuries occur when you least expect them. Bikes are considered safer but can get involved in some of the worst accidents. Being a bicycle rider and sharing the road with big trucks and passenger vehicles is not easy. When a collision between these vehicles happens, the bicycle rider usually walks away with grave injuries. 

If a negligent party has injured you while you were riding your bike, you may be entitled to compensation. Drivers do not always pay attention to the road and often hit bicycle rides, injuring them. Such accidents can result in impactful injuries or even death. Speak to a Newport Beach bicycle accident attorney today. 

Role of a bicycle injury attorney 


  • They utilize their thorough knowledge. 

Reputed bicycle injury attorneys, also known as personal injury attorneys, have studied through law school and practiced law for several years, perhaps more than a decade, to reach the highly qualified status they have today. Undoubtedly, they are highly knowledgeable experts who know more about the law system and how legal cases should be handled than the average American. Therefore, they will know how to handle the case efficiently. 

  • They help you defend against liability claims. 

If another party involved in the accident gets injured or suffers from property damage, they may hold you accountable. You must be able to fight these allegations and back up your claims using strong evidence. After all, you should not have to pay for something that was not your fault. Bicycle attorneys are trained to build strong defense strategies. 

  • They investigate your case. 

When you get injured in a bicycle accident, you cannot begin investigating and working on your case immediately. You must first get medical help, ensure your injuries have healed, and take care of other things, like your job and other financial issues. All this can cause a delay in the bicycle case. On the other hand, a bicycle accident attorney begins investigating your case immediately without wasting a minute. \

  • They determine the at-fault party. 

Perhaps one of the difficult tasks in investigating an accident is determining the at-fault party. Things get even more complicated when there are more than two vehicles involved. Sometimes it is clear which party is at fault, but then investigation reveals hidden information that changes liability completely. 

An attorney is especially important when you and the other party do not agree on who was at fault. This is where you are required to show evidence and present strong arguments. 

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