What is CCIE Certification, and How Can I Prepare for It?

What is CCIE Certification, and How Can I Prepare for It?

CCIE is Cisco Expert certification designed to validate your end-to-end IT lifecycle skills from planning and preparing to operate and optimize. It is the most widely spread, recognized, and respected industry. Cisco expert certification says the word is no uncertain terms that you know what it is talking about. 

To earn the CCIE certification, you have to give two exams: the CCIE written exam and the CCIE lab exam. To pass the examination, the candidate needs to score the highest marks they possibly can in both module 1 and module 2. 

Each module has its own high and low mark benchmark. You may think that the examination is the most challenging part. The most time-consuming and difficult part is to get the certification which can take up to three to five years. 

The CCIE certification is offered today in eight different experiences or tasks. The oldest and one of the most popular certifications in Routing and Switching. It is a fact that the persons who hold multiple CCIEs, their first CCIE was Routing and Switching. 

How Can I Prepare for My CCIE?

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, aka CCIE I, is one of the most prestigious networking certifications. CCIEs are regarded as networking gurus because of their excellent network engineering skills and highly sought individuals. 

According to Cisco, CCIE certification holders are less than 3% of the number of professionals working at Cisco and less than 1% of the network professionals worldwide. CCIEs are deployed into the most technically challenging network assignments and paid top dollar for the work that they are doing.

The CCIE certification journey can be very much bumpy for some of the candidates. Still, after archiving the CCIE certification, when you look back, you can find that there are many flaws in your preparation, and you could have done it in less time and also in less time with much less frustration and with fewer expenses. 

You shall never make those mistakes again when you want to pursue another CCIE certification, but many candidates make the same mistake the first time in the same way. If you are one of those candidates, this article will help you prevent you from making those mistakes and make your CCIE journey more successful, efficient, and less chaotic. 

Planning for the Examination:

Becoming a Cisco Certified Expert is not an easy task. It is not about just reading books, memorizing many facts, and giving the examination for the certification, which is the case with most industries. 

The most challenging part of the examination is the lab examination which lasts for more than eight hours. To pass the lab exam, you should know Cisco Configuration Commands. You also have to have deep knowledge of routers, switches, and network protocols.

Preparing for CCIE is a significant investment of time, money, and effort, and it is essential to have solid planning before starting.

Written Exam:

You have to start your CCIE journey by preparing for CCIE. It can take you more than six months to prepare for it. Your examination venue can be your local Person VUE testing center, and there are no formal pre-requisites for the registration.

Your CCIE written exam preparation can be done with many resources like books, documents, white papers, and RFCs from Cisco and other resources.

Lab Exam:

It can take you more than a year to pass the CCIE lab examination. The time it takes you to do that depends on your present knowledge and skills and the time you are willing to spend on your preparation per day. At the beginning of your lab exam preparation, you can find two primary problems: getting a good guide and gaining access to the practical lab. The troubleshooting part of the CCIE routing and switching lab exam is conducted in a virtual environment, which may surprise many candidates. 


It is a pretty tough examination for the newcomers in the industry because of their lack of knowledge in the industry. Once clearing the exam, getting ready for more certifications will be easier for you once you have the direction to run. In every segment of the industry, the CCIEE certificate is essential and helps you to find more opportunities.

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